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Many of the latest home gadgets can simplify your life without forcing you to spend a lot of money. If you want to make life a little simpler while keeping to your budget and making your home attractive, consider getting these four devices.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers typically use Bluetooth technology to connect to your media devices wirelessly. The latest speakers do much more than remove unsightly cables from your home, however. Amazon’s Echo speaker, for instance, responds to voice commands. You can tell it to play your favorite songs on Spotify or ask it for weather updates. You can even ask it to perform some “tricks” such as reciting cat facts for your entertainment.

Smart TV

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Recently developed smart televisions turn your TV set into an internet-ready device that responds to your commands quickly. Features vary somewhat between models, but several let you use the same screen to browse the internet while you stream movies. Some will even let you create personalized schedules that turn the television on when you want to wake up. The schedule can provide information about the weather, news, traffic, and other things that you might need to know before you head to work.

Smart televisions look better than old models, because they’re flat and light enough to hang on your wall. You don’t have to design your living room around the television set anymore — you can just hang it in a convenient spot.

Smart Thermostat

Having a professional add a smart thermostat to your home will help you save money while keeping you comfortable. Smart thermostats are programmable, so you can tell them to change temperature depending on when you expect to be at home. No matter whether you’re at work, at school, or elsewhere, the thermostat instructs the HVAC system to do less work, which means your home uses less energy.

You can choose from several types of smart thermostats. Some have features that let you choose specific temperatures for different rooms. Others will let you create set temperatures for your daily or weekly schedules. No matter what kind you choose, you’ll feel more comfortable and lower your energy bill.

Smart Toothbrush

Tooth decay seems like an easy problem to solve, but it’s the most prevalent chronic disease in the United States. Smart toothbrushes might finally eliminate tooth decay by teaching people how to brush better.

Oral-B makes a line of smart toothbrushes that communicate with your smartphone to give you feedback on your brushing habits. They will tell you when you’ve brushed an area enough and even alert you when you brush too hard. Putting one of these in the bathroom can also make brushing more fun for children who are interested in high-tech gadgets. You won’t have to argue with your children before bedtime when they get to use a smart brush.

Chic tech can bring a higher level of simplicity, comfort, and beauty to your home. As long as you compare products, you can find high-tech devices for your home at affordable prices. Once you own them, you’ll never want to go back to your old technology.

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