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  When it comes to choosing a trendy wardrobe for all seasons, many men struggle. They often over think things and they don’t take the basics on board. This is a list of a few ideas that will help you choose a trendy wardrobe all year round.

Wear a Suit

The great thing about wearing a suit is it looks great all the time. Whatever the occasion or time of year, a suit makes you look fantastic. All men should have at least one suit among their wardrobe. Try to have more than one if possible. Have a work suit and then a going out suit. Suits make you look modern, sophisticated and good looking. A suit really is the ultimate, versatile, male fashion essential

Choose a Watch

Everybody should have themselves a watch. Think about how awesome you’re going to look with the right watch. You can use it as an accessory to complement any outfit. Watches look particularly good with a suit! Or, you can just wear one as a practical timepiece. But the right watch can say a lot about you. There’s the option of analogue or digital watches these days. So you just need to think about what style best suits you. 4

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As men, we don’t always associate the importance of accessories. They are seen as something more pertinent in the women’s market. But there are plenty of accessory options that can benefit us as men. Making small additions can really help to transform an outfit. And the beauty of men's accessories is that we can use them throughout the year. You might want to start with something basic like a scarf or gloves. These can be worn in a fashionable sense, as well as for comfort.

Design Your Own

You might not have thought about it, but you can always design your own clothing. These days it’s become more fashionable for people to do this. And if you’re designing a t-shirt or a jumper you can customise it appropriately. Many people enjoy the use of pop culture references on their customised clothing. Instathreds offer the opportunity to design your own t-shirts online. Give some serious thought to designing your own stuff. You can benefit from

Comfort is King

When it comes to many outfits, it’s worth remembering that comfort is the most important thing. The trouble is that people associate comfort with not being fashionable. And this is just not the case. It’s entirely possible to find comfortable, trendy clothing. You’ve got to think about what you’re going to be doing throughout the year. If you consider yourself an outdoors type you’d need to find the ideal outdoor clothing. It’s important to value comfort highly. Trying to get that balance of comfort and fashion is the real trick. It’s worth remembering that there are plenty of clothing options suitable all year round. You need to try to make fashion choices that apply throughout the year. On this post, there is a list of some ideas to help with this. Make sure you try to stay fashionable and trendy all through the year.    

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