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Classiest Casino Games While many people head to their local casino after a night on the tiles looking the worst for wear, it is very easy to appear stylish in your local gambling emporium. Dressing smartly and not being too drunk certainly help, but playing the right games in the casino can aid your appearance too so that you come across as a suave gambler rather than someone who's looking to win back the cash they've spent at the local nightclub. Here are our top games to play in the casino.

  • Craps
The craps tables are a great place to look good in the casino, especially when playing as the shooter and even better when you've on a hot streak. Having a beautiful lady on your arm, cheering you on or blowing the dice for luck at the table also helps massively as it's not just about the game but about impressions too. As long as you have self confidence while at the tables you can't but help look classy at the craps tables. Try to avoid rolling a seven though!
  • Baccarat
One of the more suave and debonair gamblers that people aspire to is the Ian Fleming creation James Bond and one of 007's favourite games in the casino is baccarat. Just like craps this is another game easy to make yourself stylish by arming yourself with a little knowledge of the game and then having the confidence to win yourself some cash. A relaxed demeanour and a smart suit will give you the edge over anyone else at the table once you're armed with the knowledge of how the game plays, so all you need to do is pick the correct hand to bet on.
  • Texas Hold'em Poker
Another favourite of Mr. Bond is one of the most popular casino games in the world that is easy to pick up and play, yet difficult to master. Again, your image at the table is vital to pulling off a classy look at the poker tables so a smart style, a whiskey/scotch on the rocks and an ability to read the others at the table while playing in a tight aggressive style will see you win many admirers at the Texas Hold'em tables. Learn To Play Poker  
  • Blackjack
It is easy to stand out amongst the crowd at the blackjack tables as long as you project an image that you are wealthier than you are and that if even if you're taking hit after hit from the dealer that you do not show that it bothers you at all. Calmly sip your drink and chat with the beautiful lady on your arm from the craps table to leave yourself looking the classiest man in the building whether you're up money, down cash or keeping on an even keel. Play Blackjack at One of the main ingredients to being classy at the casino is not just about the choice of game or how smartly you're dressed, it's about having the funds available to back up your gambling along with an ability to know what you're doing at the tables without looking like you're thinking about it. Learn the games online and, who knows, you could be the next John O., the man who won more than £5.8m while playing The Dark Knight slot machine at bingo games site That much money will certainly provide the ability to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the casino in the classiest stakes!

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