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Owning and running a car can be expensive. A lot of people choose not to have one, even though they can drive because the cost isn't worth it. But if you need a car to get around, you can still find yourself struggling with the expense. Never mind though, because there are several ways you can recover your costs by making money from your car. As long as you have a car and you're flexible about what you do with it, you could bring in some extra cash. You could rent it out, pick up a delivery job or even just go the obvious route of selling it. Here's how you can start making money.

Rent It Out

If you don't mind parting ways with your car for short periods, you might consider renting it out. People already often let people rent their driveways, garages and parking spots, so why not your car itself? While this option isn't for everyone, it could be a useful way of making money. People are starting to rent out their assets in all sorts of ways, including their homes. If you don't use your car all the time, you might as well make some money from letting other people use it.


Advertise a Brand

What if you would rather keep your car to yourself, but you don't care what it looks like? It can be a good idea to rent out the exterior of your vehicle for advertising space. If you don't mind driving around with your car telling everyone how good Kellogg's Cornflakes are, it can make you a few hundred a month. You can try, for example, which will pay you over £200 a month to cover your whole car. You can also just have the doors, side panels, bonnet or rear covered. Or you can limit it to the door panels, part wings and an image on the front or back.

Become a Courier

If you have some spare time on your hands, you could pick up a delivery route delivering packages. Working for a company like Hermes, you'll get paid by the package and you can bring some extra cash in. It's a difficult thing to do full-time, but if you want to boost your income with a part-time job, it could be just the thing for you to do.

Sell It or Trade It In

Selling your car might seem like an obvious thing to do to make money, and not much use if you want to keep it. But if you're not getting enough use out of your car to justify the expense, you might want to consider it. For example, does the cost and convenience of driving to work outweigh the same for using public transport? And you can even make money from your car if it's a complete write-off. Using services such as, you can trade in an old banger for cash. Put the money toward a new car or use it for something else, from going on holiday to saving for the future. Don't let your car soak up all your funds every month. If it's draining your finances, do something about it and redress the balance.

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