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Everyone needs a bit of space to call his own, and that's why the idea of having your 'man cave' has become such a big hit in recent years. She sheds are growing in popularity too, so check out these she shed ideas if you're looking for something to surprise your girlfriend/wife with.

Having a room that you can deck out in your own tastes without having to worry about anyone else is a great way to express yourself. You might have the perfect space already in your basement for this, but it may not quite be fit for purpose yet. Should this be the case, you could find a basement remodeling company in your area who will be able to transform the space ready for you to decorate exactly how you wish.

For many men, this means giving the space a sports theme, so the perfect man cave will allow you to relax while watching the game and drink a few beers either on your own or with your friends.


Getting a big screen TV doesn't mean you have to break the bank, as there are some really good deals around. If watching sports is your thing, a bigger TV makes it easier to feel you're right there in the action.

A decent sound system is probably the next essential, whether it's to go along with what you're watching or to make the most of simply kicking back and listening to your favorite music in great quality. You may also want to decorate your man cave to make it look more inviting. If you're thinking of doing this, check for the Ultimate Man Cave Accessories UK or elsewhere to make it pop.


Interior design might not be a phrase that the term 'man cave' brings to mind, but when it comes to making it comfortable and functional, it's definitely something you need to think about.

Everything has its place, and storage can be a big deal if you want to have collections of any kind on hand. Vinyl records, CD albums, sports memorabilia – pretty much anything you might want in your cave needs to be stored correctly to keep it in good condition. Wall decor might not be first priority, but making sure you have personal elements dotted around the room will really make the space feel like yours. For example, if you are a superhero fan, adding Wonder Woman posters, or posters of your favorite characters, to your space could really make all the difference.

More than that, if you plan on spending quality time in your man cave, you need a good chair or two to while away the hours watching your team reach the glorious heights you always knew would happen one day.


Having somewhere that you can call your own also means having a level of privacy. Windows are great to let natural light in, but sometimes that can interfere with how good even the biggest and sharpest screen is for watching an important sporting event.

Thick blinds and curtains can sometimes make a room feel closed off and claustrophobic, especially if space is an issue. High quality wooden shutters can be the perfect solution to all of these issues, and they're not only extremely versatile but great looking too.

Noise annoys

Of course, that all important 'do not disturb' privacy comes with an added complication - unless your man cave happens to be in the middle of nowhere, you are likely to have some issues concerning noise, particularly if you live in an apartment block or in really close proximity to your neighbors in some other way.

Double glazing can make all the difference, as can good carpets, a properly fitted and hung door and other simple noise-reducing tricks.

Using headphones can be a great way of having music or sports up as high as you like in volume without causing any complaints, but if you've got your friends around, simply making sure doors and windows are closed can be an easy way to bypass potential problems.

A man cave is your own personal sanctuary, a place where you can relax and be yourself. Consider all of the tips above to help make this space a really special one.

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