If you love the nightlife, then chances are you use your smartphone a lot to look up places to go and coordinate with your friends to ensure you get to all the best nights and have plenty of good times! Well, if you are in NYC, Miami, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas or Washington DC and have an iPhone or Android device, you can now make all of this much easier by downloading the Discotech app.


Discotech in a Nutshell

Discotech is in many ways like a version of the hugely popular Open Table app for clubs rather than restaurants – it lets you discover places to go, find out where the kind of music you want will be playing tonight, or even follow your favourite DJs so you never miss one of their sessions. Discotech is not just a discovery app though – it also has great booking and social features that take care of just about every aspect of planning the perfect night out clubbing.

Great Discovery Options

Discotech lists all kinds of night time entertainment in your city, and it can be filtered really easily by the things that matter to you most. If you have a specific type of music you like to go to nights for, then you can filter on this and ensure you never end up in a club with the wrong sound. If you are more concerned about the cost of your night out you can also filter by price. Discotech has a lot of information about the clubs, nights and DJs you can find on it, so you have all the data you need literally at your fingertips. Dancing the night away

Bottle Service and Guest Lists

If you are planning a special celebration or you simply always like to have a table at the club, you can book bottle service really easily through the Discotech app. What is also cool is the loyalty program – if you book tables a lot (for example if you take clients out a lot as corporate hospitality), you can very quickly rack up points that get you even better benefits at the clubs you frequent. If you aren't into table service but want to get in the club as fast as possible, you can also join guest lists through the app, or just buy tickets in advance using it. All you need to do is show your phone at the door (so you don't need to get to a printer). This means you can even buy your tickets while you wait in the line for the club! Add to these great practical features the social aspect of the Discotech app, which allows you to quickly tell your friends where you are going and invite them along, or find out where they are planning to go tonight (if they use Discotech too), and you have the perfect tool to make your nights out go smoothly and to cut all the waiting around and arguing about where to go!

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