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Many people like a drink now and then. Perhaps you even like having a few drinks on a night out or when you have visitors. But sometimes there comes a point where you decide that you like alcohol a bit too much. It could just be that you want to lose weight or get fit, or you might realize that you could have a bigger problem. Whether it's just an experiment or it's out of necessity for your health, cutting back on alcohol isn't always easy. It's difficult if drinking is a part of your lifestyle, and it's a lifelong struggle if you have an addiction. There are lots of things you can do to help you cut back or stop drinking altogether. Here are some methods you can try to help you succeed.

Get Help for an Addiction

If you want to stop drinking because you're facing an addiction to alcohol, it's essential that you find some outside support. This support could take many forms, from a counselor or Alcoholics Anonymous group to friends and family. There is no one right or wrong way to tackle an addiction, so you should explore different options. For example, you might go to a rehab facility, before moving into a sobriety house to start getting your life back. It's important that you see your doctor before you stop drinking entirely. They can help you to address possible withdrawal symptoms and start you off on the right track. 5

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Changing Your Lifestyle

Often cutting back or quitting drinking requires some changes in lifestyle. Think about when and where you usually have a drink, and whether you can change your habits to avoid or alter these situations. Perhaps you find it difficult to resist a beer when you watch a game with your pals, for example. When you first start trying to change your drinking behavior, it can be a good idea to avoid the situations in which you'll be tempted to drink. Another thing to consider if replacing the times you have a drink with another activity. If it's usual for you to sit in the evenings and have a few drinks, you could arrange to get out of the house and do something else. You can let people in your life know that you're cutting back or giving up. Help yourself to avoid temptation by going to places that don't serve alcohol or volunteering to be the designed driver.

Reward Yourself for Progress

Any goal is hard to reach if you focus on the mistakes and never reward yourself for achievements. It's a good idea to set short term goals, such as avoiding alcohol for a week, then a month. You can treat yourself at the end of these periods to recognize your achievement. Try replacing alcohol with something else you enjoy (although don't switch one bad habit for another). You'll also find you have more money when you're not drinking, so why not use it to go and do something exciting or buy yourself a new toy?  

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