A leather wallet is one of the most commonly used accessories in the whole world. Many people use a wallet every single day in order to carry their personal items; money, club cards, drivers license, credit cards, etc. The people that don’t use a wallet often lose those important items because they leave them loose in their pockets! But why is leather best specifically? Well, leather wallets have many benefits over wallets made from other materials. You may not have thought that there would be this much to consider when buying a new one, but that’s what makes the difference between a brilliant leather wallet that stands the test of time, and a leather wallet that cracks, stretches, and looks worn within months. 6653002505_5a32de8ca8_b Genuine leather wallets like those from Shinola have many benefits of wallets made from materials like nylon, canvas, faux leather, and plastic. They are superior for many reasons, including their durability, practicality, comfort, and style.   Durability It’s important that your new wallet is durable, as you’re going to be using it every day. It needs to be able to withstand the constant use, especially if you need to fit a large amount of cards and coins in it. Leather is a naturally durable material that has natural waterproof and breathable qualities. It can withstand getting wet, being left in the sun, or even being thrown into the backseat of a car.   Practicality This kind of wallet is very practical as it’s able to carry more items. It’ll even keep it’s shape over time if you take care of it. It’ll stretch enough for you to add more things to it’s contents, but it won’t fall apart or change shape like wallets of other materials will.   Feel The feel of a leather wallet is soft, and is very comfortable for the owner to carry. It feels much more luxurious than wallets made of other materials.   Style There’s no denying that a leather wallet is a very stylish accessory. You can make a fashion statement with your wallet, especially if you’re using it as part of your everyday wear. There are different kinds of styles of leather wallet too, like bi folds, tri folds, checkbook styles, etc. The difference between these wallets is the way they fold out and the way they allow you to store your items. Make sure you consider all the different styles and work out what will be most practical for you in your everyday life. Even though you’ll have to pay more for a genuine leather wallet, it can save you plenty of hassle, time, and money in the long run. They are extremely long lasting due to their durability, comfort, and practicality, not to mention they can tell people a little bit about you depending on the colour and other style choices you make. If you’ve set a budget for a new leather wallet, take everything above into account before making your decision. In return, you’ll be left with the perfect wallet! Photo Author  

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