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If there is a man in your life who is trying to keep fit, you probably have no idea how hard he is finding it. Whether it's eating the right way or exercising regularly, it can be hard to get in shape. Particularly, if you have let your body image slide for too long. But, when it comes time to buy presents for him, you can lift his spirits with these awesome fitness gifts. We guarantee a few of these are going to be on some Christmas lists this year.  

Game On!

  Haven't you heard? The new way to keep fit is never to leave your house and exercise with a games console. You can buy your guy a Xbox one and a Kinect system. Who needs a gym membership when you can exercise your arms by hitting ninjas out of the sky. You could even join in with the fun and games and "work out" together. Another option is the Wii U or PS4. They all have games available to buy that are designed to keep people fit in the comfort of their living room. We are not sure they work, but it's worth a shot, right?  

Muscle Milk

  A pack of five cartons of muscle milk? Forty quid. Getting a boyfriend with abs as developed as Captain America? Priceless. Yes, it's true the secret is out on how the Marvel superhero actors keep in such great shape. Hayley Atwell snapped a pick of the inside of Chris Evan's fridge. It was filled with muscle milk so if you want your man to look like a superhero, order some online now.  

Anything But The Gym...

  Perhaps your boyfriend wants to get in shape but hates the idea of having to travel to the gym and work out in front of muscle gods. You would be surprised how many guys would work out more if they had the equipment at home. So, as an awesome gift, why not turn one of the spare rooms in your home into a home gym? You can buy the equipment cheap online and surprise him with the perfect place to workout without leaving the house. We suggest starting off with a weight bench and a punching bag. It will probably cost around three hundred altogether, but it will be worth it, seeing your man get into shape.  

Fitness Trip

  If you want to treat your husband while continuing to encourage his work out, plan a fitness trip. You can find plenty of adventurous activities online such as mountain climbing, biking and kayaking. Find out which one suits the special guy in your life and book the trip today. You could even consider going with him, or better yet book some extra places for his buddies. You will certainly pick up some brownie points with this gift idea. Looking to spend a little less cash than the cost of a trip? Don't worry, we have got plenty great gift ideas for men who want to keep fit.  

A Gym Membership Card


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  Well, don't forget not all men are completely against going to the gym. In fact, most guys love it because it gives them a chance to compete with some of their friends and see who is stronger. They also find that it helps keep them motivated, but it can be quite expensive signing up. So, if you want to see your partner's eyes light up, get a years membership for him. At the very least, it will get him out the house for a few hours each week.  

Mmm Healthy Living

  A cookbook filled with healthy recipes may not be the most exciting gift in the world. But, unlike some of our other choices it will not cost you a lot, and he will love it all the same. It will give him the chance he needs to prepare food that will complement his new exercise regime. Who knows, he may even start cooking more for you! Although, be careful what you wish for because chances are they will be meals that are good for you but not particularly delicious.  

His Life Needs A Soundtrack

  Nope, we're not talking about serenading him with a beautiful song. That is a whole other kind of present. When exercising, it is important to stay motivated, and one of the best ways to do this is with a good playlist, particularly when running. Reviewers agree the best MP3 on the market right now is the new iPod touch, so why not be extra loving and buy him one? Also, go the extra mile and buy an arm strap case so that he can keep it safe when completing his evening run. Buy this gift and you might be treated to a five-course meal in a fancy restaurant as a return. Disclaimer: results will vary depending on the type of guy you are dating.  

Keeping Him Looking His Best

  Remember, a guy, like a girl always likes to look his best. For that reason, you may want to buy him some new clothes to exercise in. Check out the latest fashion in exercising and see what type of style would suit your man. Remember, if they are still trying to lose weight getting baggy clothes is probably not a bad idea. You don't want him feeling too self-conscious.   It is not always easy to look (or smell) the best after a tiring day at the gym. Your man would probably be all sweaty and it is quite possible that he might be giving out an off-putting odor. In such cases, scents like True Pheromones can be the right counterbalance and in doing so, it can bring back that much-needed natural masculine fragrance.

Letting Him Run The Right Way


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  Running is a great form of exercise that a lot of guys love doing. It relieves stress and works on every part of the body. But, if they do not have a good pair of running shoes, they may never even try it. If you want your partner to join you out jogging after work, buy him a good pair of sneakers. Check his size a few weeks beforehand and surprise him with a brand his favourite celeb wears to make this gift extra special.   We are sure at least one of these gifts will suit your man. I hope you have fun choosing and maybe even consider keeping fit with your guy this year.  

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