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Modern phones have evolved so much over the past decade. The mobile has evolved from a form of communication into an important everyday tool. We now have smartphones that are compatible with other forms of technology. There are so many attributes and accessories that come with a smartphone. And it’s almost impossible to imagine to imagine life without them.   If you have a smartphone these days, then it’s a good bet that you use it for more than just communication. You can use phones for so many things that they have become an essential part of adult life. You might want to get the latest online games on your mobile. Perhaps you need to find directions to somewhere. Or maybe you want to catch up with the latest news to find out what’s going on in the world. Whatever you may need or want to do in everyday life there’s a good bet that your phone will be able to help you.   More and more smartphones get released all the time with updated features. Almost every area of society has embraced the evolution of mobile phones. There are stores dedicated to phones and phone technology. Books and newspapers have moved to a digital platform, and many businesses have now developed and online presence. Because of this it is important that you get the best out of your phone. You should treat it and use it as the powerful tool that it is.   Because your phone can hold so much data and so many important aspects of your life it is important to protect it. Dependent on how often you use your phone and what you use it for you may need to take steps to protect. There is a lot of sensitive and private information on a phone so you will want to think about the security measures you can take.   There are several security features that it’s possible to use on your phone. Here is a list of some of the security measures you can take to protect your phone and your personal data. 3

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Pin Number

  The first step, which you should take to protect your phone, is to use a pin number. This is the easiest way to protect your phone. In fact, when you first setup your new phone you will get prompted to set up a pin number. You should not overlook this step in the process. The fact that you're prompted to it should make you aware of how important it is to have a pin number.   When you set your pin number up you should make sure that it is something memorable. It may be a set number of digits or a particular pattern. Be sure that it is something you aren’t going to forget. But at the same time you shouldn’t make it anything too obvious. You don’t want other people to be able to crack the passcode and gain access to your phone. Try to avoid birthdays or initials where possible.   If you leave your phone dormant for a period the screen will automatically revert to the pin code screen. This means you’ll have to input the code to unlock the phone. You can set how long to leave the phone before it reverts to the passcode.  

Sim Lock

  As an extra layer of security to protect your phone, you should think about adding a sim lock as well. This means that when the phone's turned on you will have to input a sim lock as well as entering your pin number. This adds a helpful second layer of protection to your phone and the data on it.   You should have no problems finding the option that allows you to set a sim lock on your phone. Again, as with the pin number you will want to make this something memorable. But also you need to make sure it isn’t obvious. Make it different to your phone’s pin number.  


  Blocking is a good security method for you to use. And whilst it won’t protect your phone it will stop you from getting stressed and protect against nuisance calls. You may feel like you’re getting harassed by unwanted phone calls from a number or several numbers. The blocking option on your phone will give you a simple, stress-free way of dealing with the issue.   You may find that you are getting calls from numbers you don’t know, but you’d like to find out who they are. If you’re based in the South and you keep getting calls it might be wise to check out a Houston, TX mobile phone lookup site. This should provide you with the identity of the caller(s) so you know exactly who you’re blocking. You can also take steps to block any future calls as well. 4

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  There will be an option on your phone that allows you to lock the screen after a certain period. This will make the phone default to the pin number screen when activated. This is a useful feature as it means that your phone is secure even if somebody finds it and tries to use it.   On some smartphones, you will even be able to lock your phone yourself straight away. Pressing a certain button will immediately change the phone to the lock screen. This means you can set your phone down and leave the room without worrying about your friends tampering with it!  


  If you have an iPhone then one of the best security features available is the iCloud feature. This is an automatic setting for all iPhones and acts in a similar way to Dropbox. iCloud is an online storage system that allows you to backup all the files and data that you have stored on your iPhone. This means that if your phone is lost, stolen or wiped you will still be able to access your data and information with ease.   You should have no problems downloading all the information from the iCloud feature back onto your phone. You should find that all iPhones will come with iCloud automatically installed. You will have the option to sync it with your phone at any time, and you should do this straight away.    

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