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Men like their man time, and if you aren’t getting enough man time in your life it could make you cranky. There are some great ways to get more man time, and some of them don’t even require leaving home. Some time watching your favorite sports, or time outside, could be all you need in order to reconnect with your manhood.

Going outside to a whole new destination to explore new places might be beneficial as well. Arkansas river rafting? Sounds thrilling. Hunting with the boys? Would be fun. Tossing the ball around? That works too.

Go Hunting Or Fishing

Traditionally, hunting and fishing are very manly things to do, even though there are plenty of women out there that love to hunt and fish as well. If you want some great man time, hit the woods. If you have kids, take them out with you. It can be a great bonding experience.

Don’t have the equipment you need? Even shopping for some hunting and fishing gear can equate to some great guy time. Peruse your favorite hunting shop, look at camouflage clothes, and try out a new fishing pole.

Create A Man Cave

You need a place to hang those trophies from your hunting trips, and a place to eat that tasty venison burgers and fried fish you’ve created from your hunts. Your man cave should be a place where you can relax and kick your shoes off (no matter how bad they smell).

Make sure you have a big TV, a gaming system, a refrigerator, and a bar, of course. You want all of the things you love to be available in your man cave so that once you’re there you can just relax and be a man.

Watch Some Sports

Now that you have your man cave, and a great big screen TV, it’s time to sit back and watch some sports. Crack a beer, have some potato chips, and sit back. Invite the guys over.

Watching sports can be both relaxing and motivating, depending on what you’re watching. If you’re motivated, maybe a good time to get some man time is to join in some sports.

Join Some Sports

If you have the energy and ambition to play a sport, do it. Join the guys on the golf course, get some dudes together on the court, or play some touch football with cousins and nephews on holidays. Not only will you be getting some guy time, but you’ll also be getting in some fun fitness.

Take A Hike

Want some alone time? Every guy needs his alone time, and instead of spending it in your stuffy man cave where you always hang out, why not get out in the great outdoors. Even if hunting isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the outdoors.

Instead, get outside and go for a walk or a hike. Don’t like to spend a lot of time on your feet? Get a bicycle and go for a ride. Just spend some time getting some sunshine and a little outdoor fitness.

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