When it comes to fashion and style, nobody fares better than the Brits. Our attires come with classy tones and modern fluidity, which translate into effortless fashion.   What do the Brits think about footwear? About 81% respondents to a recent survey suggested that footwear is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of a man’s attire. In fact, 85% people judge people with bad footwear negatively, almost instantly. If you have not paid much attention to your shoe rack yet, it is time you get ready for a change.  

Footwear and judgment go hand in hand

  The adage says that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes, especially if you are meeting them for the first time. The survey respondents suggested that first dates and interviews were the most important occasions for a man to wear good shoes, with a 36% and 22% favorable vote respectively. You don’t have to focus on wearing expensive ties and a pantsuit if you don’t have the right pair of shoes to match with it.   For a man, shoes become all the more important. 83% women note footwear of the men they are meeting, especially when seeing them for the first time. They believe that the kind of footwear a man wears signal the kind of person he is. But why do shoes matter so much? Women prefer men who are attractive, decently dressed and attentive. The true sign of attentiveness in a man is his eye for detail. If he is dressed up well from head to toe but forgets to wear clean shoes, he adds a red flag for women. 9 in every ten women suggested that a man who doesn’t care for his shoes doesn’t care about his looks. A dapper gentleman is always judged on the shoes he wears.  

Finding the right shoes for yourself

  We talked to Frank Wright, retailers of leather boots and the organizer of this survey of 1,000 British respondents on how to select the right footwear for them.

  If you want to send off a very casual vibe, then you should be opting for boat shoes, loafers, and trainers. They have a relaxed and comfortable look and appeal. They are great for casual attires and go along fine with just any regular or day-to-day event. Make sure they are good quality.  

For the confident look

  Brogue is the shoe type you should be opting for when it comes to looking confident and self-assured. The shoes have a very composed look with decorative leather details on top. This makes the shoe look amazing while ensuring that you never look ‘untidy’ or ‘messy.' 46% survey respondents believe that a brogue is the choicest shoe for a man who is ‘well put together’ and quite confident about his looks.  

For the impressive look

  If you are dressing to impress, ensure that you wear a pair of Oxfords. They are classy, stylish, and very impressive too. 22% of the survey respondents believe that it is an impeccable choice of footwear and makes a man look stylish and well groomed. These shoes are perfect for formal events. Their lacing design makes you look suave and stylish.   Your footwear says a lot about you. Make sure that it only says good things.

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