What Women Want - Dating Tips for Men   What do women want? No one knows precisely as each woman is unique and by the end of the day the most attractive thing is personal chemistry - a genuine connection on all levels, from emotional and intellectual to sexual. However, there are some things that hold universally true for what women are looking for. The staff at Cupid.com share some tips they’ve come across that seem to hold true and they should know - they deal with millions of online daters all over the world. -             Have a passion; a sense of purpose. Passionate people are attractive as they are pursuing their dreams, which brings happiness and happiness is actually statistically proven to be attractive. -             Have a social life - having a well-balanced life is attractive. If you aren’t great at social skills someone can still fall in love with you, of course, but continue to build those skills for your own happiness too. -             Look after your body. People want to date those who show they care about themselves. -             Have determination - women like men who know what they want and go get it. This often means men who are willing to go outside their comfort zone to get what they want. -             Take charge. Always listen to the woman you date and be considerate, however, if she asks you what you want, have an opinion. Take charge of some date nights and plan for them and let her do others, but never dilly dally, give in to her opinions when they aren’t yours, or avoid taking charge altogether. -             Show genuine care through kindness. Women, as well as men, like people who dare to show they have a heart and who stand up for what is right, even in situations where it’s uncomfortable. -             Be a gentleman. Say please and thank you - not just to the woman you date but to waiters, valet drivers, shops assistant and family and friends. Open doors, offer to hold bags and in general be considerate to others, as well as the woman you date. -             Small gestures that show genuine affection such as preparing her a meal when you know she’s had a long day, leaving little love notes, pouring a hot bath, giving a massage and a willingness to look after her when she needs it will be appreciated. -             Share your dreams. A woman likes a man with goals and dreams. -             Being weak is not a trait most women like, but being vulnerable they will love. You have to, when you trust a woman, be able to share your vulnerability with her. Genuinely showing you are at loss when it comes to a certain issue, that you feel hurt about something, or that you have a dream that’s very precious to you, will usually be appreciated by a woman as she will feel that you trust her. -             Allow a woman to talk after a long day. For a woman to process something she usually has to share it. If she’s had a long day, to recover she often calls someone or meets someone to talk about it. That’s all she needs to find her energy again. She might ask for your opinion, but nine times out of ten what she wants is your support. A hug An encouraging word. You are her pillar, not the all-knowing oracle of solutions also known as Google. -             Accept a woman for her emotional states. Most women get emotional about various things, sometimes for no apparent reason. Accept that women are emotional creatures and don’t put them down for it. You might not understand it, but you have to accept it to be able to love someone for who they are. And being loved for who you are is sexy. All women remember Mr. Darcy’s line in Bridget Jones’ Diary: “I love you, just the way you are.”   The Don’ts -             Don’t take a woman home the first or second night. Show that you want to, but that you won’t as you are genuinely interested in getting to know her first. -             Don’t treat her like an accessory you have to show off. Most women love to be shown off as someone’s girlfriend if they like the guy, but they want to be shown off as someone who is loved and valued. Not as an accessory that makes you look good. -             Don’t stop talking to a woman after an argument. Many men prefer to have time alone to sort out their thoughts, whereas women want to talk. If you want time to think, don’t just withdraw, but rather tell your woman you need time to think, not because you hate her, or want to leave her, but because you need alone time to process things. She will understand this, but if you leave without a word she will feel abandoned and might start to distrust you. -             Don’t shut her out entirely if you have problems with something outside the relationship. Again, men tend to want to deal with things alone, whereas a woman will feel like you distrust her if you don’t share what’s going on. Of course, you should not share things you don’t feel its right to share, but if you can, share some of your problems, as well as your dreams with your woman.   Fancy trying the tips out? Join us at Cupid.com to find dates.

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