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Addiction sucks, not matter what you are or were addicted to. And staying clean and sober can be difficult, especially in the beginning. It's easy to get used to do thing with a drink in your hand or some alcohol in your system, then doing those same things without it can make you want that drink.

After you've beat an addiction, whether that's by yourself or with professional assistance from somewhere like this Olathe alcohol rehab center, it can be like starting your life over and relearning things all over again. But, it is possible to do. You just need to be determined to stay sober, and you need a plan.

Staying On The Wagon

The first and most important step is to stay on the wagon. You may be surprised to know that there are different triggers for men and women when it comes to relapsing. As a recovering alcoholic male, it's important to know one of the most common reason people relapse is that they spend time in social situations where drinking is involved.

This may mean that you need to cut out game nights with the guys, even if they don't have it at the bar, if other buddies will be drinking. At least at the beginning, later, when you've been sober for a couple years, it might get easier to say no.

Doing Things Without Alcohol

Just as smokers suffer, alcoholics can suffer from wanting a drink when they do certain things that they always used alcohol to get through, like the family reunion. You are going to need to learn to do things different, and learn how to live without a drink.

You can't just cut out all of the things you once did. It's not fair to you or the people around you. You will have to relearn, and you will need the support of AA, your friends, your family, and even your therapist.

Finding New Hobbies

Until you can do all of those old things without alcohol in your system or a drink in your hand, you'll need something to keep you busy and help you keep your mind off of alcohol. They say "idle hands are the devil's playthings," so don't let the devil get to you (meaning alcohol).

Find something healthy to keep you busy, like walking, jogging, hiking, or running. The endorphins will give you a nice natural high and make you feel good about your decision to be sober. Pick up a new sport, or find a hobby to do from home, like building things.

Getting clean and sober is a great thing, and you want to stay on the continual path to recovery, so you need things that can help you stay focused on health and family, and off of your addiction. By talking to the people in your life, you'll find a lot of great support as well.

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