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When it comes to looking good, it's all down to the finer details. You can't change what you've got, but you can work with it. You can highlight your best parts, wear the right clothes and take care of yourself. There is no magic wand involved here. Just six simple, easy tricks to sharpening up your look. Every guy can turn heads, it's just a question of working with what you've got. Keep your hair in trim. I'm talking about facial hair, nose hair, and ear hair too. In fact, hairdressers bridgend and elsewhere recommend that you get your hair cut every four weeks. Avoid that scruffy phase where it's just a bit too long and ragged. Keep it looking sharp and tidy. Facial hair can work wonders for the right face shape. It can define a jaw line and draw attention. Just make sure it works with your face and doesn't get out of control. 3

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Stand up straight and don't let your back slouch. It's a simple trick but it works wonders. You'll instantly appear taller and more commanding. It's proven that the right posture generates more respect. Look back at photos of yourself and see if your posture is as sharp as it could be. There are exercises that you can incorporate into your workout to help with back strength and posture. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss once a day. One of the first things people will notice about you is your smile. Dental hygiene is imperative when it comes to a great smile. Your teeth should be white and your breath should be fresh. It's a simple trick and one you ought to be doing every day. The right smile can light up a room and draw attention as soon as you walk in. Choose the right aftershave for you. Scents are carefully designed to be alluring. The smell also says a lot about you before people even hear you speak. Certain smells work with certain personalities. Dark, woody smells give an air of mystery and darkness. Fresher smells suggest a light personality and outgoing nature. You can pick up a free cologne sample and see what works for you. Look after your skin with moisturiser and cleansing oils. There are plenty of products out there specifically designed for men. They will clear up your skin and help you make a big first impression. Sticking to a healthy diet will also keep hair and skin looking good. Invest in a timeless, classic wardrobe. The final aspect of looking sharp is the clothes you wear. For men, this is really easy. The simple classics are your best option here. Make sure you have at least one tailored suit in your wardrobe. It works for any occasion and every guy looks good in a suit. You should also have a well fitting pair of jeans, button down shirts and a sensible range of shoes. Your mantra here is easy: simple and sophisticated. That's all there is to it! Keep your body in check with good cleaning and grooming routines. Stand up straight, find the right smell and look good in classic clothing.  

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