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OK, that may be a little extreme. My girlfriend has been on at me endlessly to fix up and revamp our home for weeks now, to the point in which single-life (aka peace and quiet) has been looking pretty appealing.

However, it's always important to keep the lady in your life happy, and I thought, if I'm going to do it, I might as well write about it and offer some tips to other poor guys out there suffering the earache!


To me, as long as when I press a switch the bulb works, all is good. Apparently, lighting in a room is really, REALLY important. A light's job isn't just lighting up a room, it's got to look pretty as well.

We've looked at modern ceiling lights, tall lamps, table lamps, mood lighting, and touch lamps – and those are the types I can remember.

My girlfriend finally settled on the ones that look like miniature trees from French Connection. Which, incidentally, was the first place we looked – I'm living with a cliché! To be fair, they do look good, and we've (she's) managed to coordinate the woodland/natural look throughout the house.

[caption id="attachment_190" align="aligncenter" width="200"]You could buy your whole house online now.  This beauty isn't that expensive either at  110 (GBP) You could buy your whole house online now. This beauty isn't that expensive either at 110 (GBP)[/caption] Tables

If lights are tough, tables are the ultimate Mission Impossible. They are the "heart" of the house, apparently. This is the first thing we bought, and probably the item we spent longest looking for.

When purchasing the table, you need to remember 2 things. Firstly, even though you have NEVER had your parents or in-laws over for a home-cooked meal, and when they do come, everyone hangs out in the living room, their comfort and POTENTIAL visit is of the utmost importance. Secondly, those kids you haven't yet properly talked about having also feature in the decision making-process.

My advice: find a small table you can fold out from the centre; allows for space when it's just the two of you, and room at the table when/if you have the parents around and, eventually, the kids.


Rugs are a great way of keeping your hardwood floor and not forking out for a new carpet. If you're working on a budget, this is a good compromise. Although you may still have to get the flooring repaired and polished (from the likes of if you want to keep it in good condition for longer.

Of course, once this is done, a rug can cover up the whole thing and keep it protected. There are thousands of variations of rugs; plenty to keep your partner happy choosing for a long time! To impress your partner, you can say rugs add "style", "character" or "warmth" to the home and, in all honesty, they do make a difference.

Frames, Mirrors and Clocks

These are the items I'm probably most comfortable shopping for – probably because they're the easiest to find! I actually love he old fashioned-style clocks, and we've chosen one that really goes with the natural, wood-effect lamps my girlfriend chose.

Similarly, matching mirrors and photo frames have been equally easy to find and match to the lights and table etcetera.

Final Words

I complain a lot about my girlfriend's nagging, but she does have a good eye when it comes to interior design and accessorizing our home, and I am quite lucky to be living in a home that's warm and inviting, and one I can be proud of.

Also, God bless French Connection and the ability to shop online!

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