For most people, driving on busy roads and motorways is part and parcel of motoring life. These days, the number of people driving on the road increases with each passing year. As a result, the roads we drive on are busier than they were thirty or so years ago. But, for a few people, driving on busy roads is akin to being in a real-life nightmare! Motoring phobias are nothing new. The trouble is; many people don’t know how to beat driving phobias. If you are one of those people, it’s likely you are feeling isolated from the world. 1

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Many folks don’t understand why you have a driving phobia. While others dismiss the idea as nonsense. And that’s something that can knock your confidence. In some cases, it might even cause you to give up driving altogether! If you want to beat your fear of driving in busy traffic situations, the good news is you’re not alone. In today’s blog post, I will share with you some techniques you could try to help you defeat your motoring phobia.

Think of positive things

It can often be difficult to think of what has caused you to have a phobia of driving on busy roads and motorways. The reason can be an incident that happened to you. But, did you know that sometimes the cause is an event that happened to a loved one? The first step to overcoming driving phobias is to start feeling more positive about your driving. How can you put yourself in a happy mindset, you might be wondering? Believe it or not, one thing you could do is buy a different car! Sometimes, the car you drive is a contributory factor to your phobia. Get yourself down to the Thames Motor Group and sit in a few different vehicles. Which one makes you feel good about yourself the most? Another thing you can do is to get yourself in a positive mindset before you even turn the ignition on. For example, you could think about happy events that happened in your life. Or maybe listening to radio programme that makes you laugh. Whatever it takes to make you feel more comfortable.

Ignore the critics

The trouble with humans is that we think they are experts in many different things. But the reality is quite different. What happens if you find yourself talking to someone that is critical of your driving phobia? The solution is to ignore what they have to say on the matter. They don’t understand how big an impact your driving phobia has on your life. Nor are they qualified to tell you to “stop being stupid.” Instead, you should surround yourself with people that make you happy and feel good about yourself.

De-stress before you drive

Another factor that can affect your attitude towards driving is stress. Some people find other motorists with bad driving etiquette can raise their stress levels through the roof! Again, learn how to let other people’s bad behaviour wash over you. It’s no secret that the music you listen to can affect your mood. Classical music, in particular, is good at helping you feel calmer behind the wheel.  

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