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If you’re a fitness fan, you need to do everything in your power to ensure your body stays in great shape. If you start to slip up, your fitness can wane. You don’t want that to happen. Fitness is very complex. You need to pay attention to what your body is telling you. That means knowing when it is tired too. A tired body is not a fit body. Let’s go through the reasons why.  

No Energy

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got your carbohydrate and protein sources for the day lined up. If you haven’t had a good sleep, it’s unlikely you’ll have the energy to do much. Especially when it comes to exercise. A little bit of movement can wake you up, but you’ll only be even more tired by the end of the session. To boost your energy, you need a good night of sleep. 8

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Spine Alignment

When you sleep your body stretches out. All your cartilage and vertebrae relax. This realigns your spine. Even if you have great posture, your spine can benefit from a good realignment. What stands in the way of this can be a bad night of sleep preventing you from relaxing. That might be a sign of a bad mattress. If this sounds familiar, you could do with a new one. John Ryan by Design does a range of natural latex foam mattresses and mattress toppers. Foam mattresses are proven to be more comfortable and better for your spine than traditional spring mattresses.

Faster Recovery

Your body recovers while it sleeps. If you’re not getting enough sleep or a disturbed night, you can’t recover like you should. Your body repairs itself after exercise, but most of that process is done during sleep hours. Exercise will always do some level of damage to your body. The muscle fibres will tear, and then knit themselves back together stronger and bigger than before. That’s how gaining muscle works. The amount of muscle you gain depends on the exercises you do, but almost all exercise puts some level of strain on the muscle to tear. If you don’t sleep properly, you can’t recover fully. This could lead to stalling on exercise progress, or a persistent injury at best. 9

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Improve Mood

Mood is a significant part of your fitness. The motivation to keep working hard is dictated by your desire to put in the hard work. If you are struggling with that desire because of bad moods, it might be because you are not sleeping well enough. Everybody is a little groggy in the mornings. If you are finding yourself tired no matter what, it might be because of a bad night’s sleep. This feeling is going to affect your mood and increase your irritability. That’s what will dissuade you from doing exercise.

Help Keep A Routine

If you keep sleeping in day after day because of a bad night, it could ruin your daily schedules. Whether you end up late for work or some other engagement, it takes away time you could be having improving your fitness. A good night of sleep enforces a routine. You’re comfortable enough to sleep soon after getting into bed, and waking up feeling properly refreshed.  

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