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Online pharmacies have brought the possibility of getting free consultations, getting prescriptions, and receiving advice from a specialist only by logging onto a website. In the United Kingdom, registered online pharmacies can offer services identical to a physical pharmacy, and Pharmica is one of those. The logistics behind the operation are rather impressive. For example, take a look at these pharmacy grade refrigerators to gain a sense of how much equipment and expertise is required to make it work. Pharmica is one of the leading online pharmacies operating in the United Kingdom. This online pharmacy is registered in England and Wales with the General Pharmaceutical Council. In the U.K. it is also MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

How Does Pharmica Work?

Pharmica is made up of a team of highly qualified medical practitioners who are also registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. Getting the services of the online doctors at Pharmica is very simple.
  • Select a Treatment: When you visit Pharmica, the first thing to do is select a treatment or medication you require. You can chat with the doctors at Pharmica or call 0207 112 9014 if you need advice on the treatment or medicine you require.
When you select your medication, you proceed to press the buy button. This would automatically add the medicine to your cart. After this, you continue to the next step.
  • Complete a Free Online Consultation: Pharmica offers a free online consultation to help you determine which treatment would be the best for your condition. This consultation is very similar to what you would expect from a general practitioner at a face-to-face examination.
Like a physical consultation with a doctor, to get the best treatment, you would need to fill out the questionnaire correctly without distorting any fact.
  • Is the Treatment Right for You? After filling out the questionnaire, it would be reviewed by one of the Pharmica's independent private Like in a physical consultation, the GP would determine if you are eligible for the treatment or medicine. If you are, you would be prompted to complete your order. In the process, you would also be issued a free private prescription.
  • Order and Delivery: After completing the free online consultation and getting a prescription, you can order your prescription at Pharmica. Pharmica dispenses drugs from its physical drug store in Central London. Pharmica (the physical pharmacy) is also registered with GPhC. These pharmacies usually source their medication inventory through pharmaceutical wholesalers such as Impact Health and will most likely have all medications stocked up, so you won't have to worry about unavailability of medicines.
Pharmica offers delivery on the same day if your address is within Central London. If it is outside, then your medication can be delivered for the next day via Special Delivery before 9 am or 1 pm.

Which Treatment Can I Get at Pharmica?

Pharmica offers a wide range of treatments online. The most popular treatments available at this online pharmacy are for, weight loss, erectile dysfunction, migraine, asthma, and hair loss. For these treatments, there are many medicines which can be prescribed by a G.P on Pharmica. There are also treatments for general conditions like acne, flu, acid reflux, hay fever, and nail infection. For every treatment offered, Pharmica emphasizes safe, discreet, and convenient services.

Benefits of Using Pharmica

Being a registered online pharmacy is not the only reason why you should check at an online pharmacy. There are extra benefits when you shop at Pharmica.

Best Prices

Pharmica offers some of the best prices among online pharmacies in the United Kingdom. For example, the 32 tablets of Viagra Connect starts from 90 at Pharmica; however, other online pharmacies sell from 150.

Free Consultancy

To add with the best price you can get from online pharmacies in the U.K. you can consult a Pharmica online doctor for free. After you complete your online assessment, a general practitioner would prescribe treatments suitable for you at no extra cost.

Quick Delivery

Pharmica offers some of the fastest deliveries you can get from online pharmacies in the U.K. Depending on the delivery package you chose you can get your order between 1 to 3 working days. Delivery on the same day is also possible with Pharmica. Also, orders are plainly packaged; nobody can see the item in the package without first opening.

Simple Procedures

Pharmica has been designed to allow anyone with basic technical knowledge consult a doctor and buy drugs online. Getting a prescription at Pharmica follows three simple steps.

It Has Been Tested and Trusted

Pharmica stands out as one of the most reputable online pharmacies operating in the U.K. This online pharmacy has a Google Independent rating of 97 percent, Pharmica has five stars on Trustpilot and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Feefo. The reviews of over 19,000 customers are predominantly positive. This means that you can shop at Pharmica with nothing to fear. Extra information: on the website of Pharmica, you would also find revenant information on all the treatments available at the pharmacy.