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Men and women deal with life’s challenges in much different ways. While women are often more likely to cry and let their emotions out in more therapeutic ways, men can often be more likely to hold things in. However, both sexes can also turn to self medicating, which can lead to more problems.

When it comes to stress, anxiety, and depression, there are a million ways to deal with them, some good and many bad. Sometimes it depends on what is causing the stress or anxiety that determines the actions that are taken.

They May Take It Out On The People Closest To Them

Men aren’t the only ones guilty of sometimes taking their frustrations out on the people closest to them, but they may do it more often than women do. When a man is stressed he’s more likely to be agitated, which can mean snapping at his wife or even his children. It can also cause problems with friends, and at work.

That is why it is important to get help when you are stressed or depressed. Medications and therapy can help with mood issues, and save you from losing friends, family, or even your job. Depression isn’t worth losing everything, especially when there is help.

They Might Turn To Drugs And Alcohol

One of the most common thing many people do when they suffer from these mental illnesses is turn to self medicating. That can be done with drugs and/or alcohol. Instead of seeking professional help and getting on a prescription medication or a therapy regimen, they choose to deal with it on their own and end up addicts.

Drugs and alcohol don’t solve problems, and it’s more likely that they’ll add to them. Instead of feeling better you’ll begin to feel worse, and could even be risking your life or the lives of the people around you.

They Could Choose Silence

Some people simply deal with their depression by bottling everything up inside. This can cause even more issues, like fatigue and even suicidal tendencies. Some people hide their depression well, but it does them no good bottling it up inside, and it can make it an even bigger explosion when they finally let out all those feelings they’ve been hiding.

Irritability from hiding emotions can cause rifts in relationships, and since you are bottling up your sadness the person that is seeing your anger may think that it is about something else, and not depression. This is another way families get torn apart.

If you feel like you have been suffering from anxiety, depression, or emotional stress, seek help from a professional. Don’t try to treat it yourself. Don’t keep it hidden inside. There is nothing wrong with feeling these emotions, and everyone suffers from them from time to time.

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