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It's no secret that we all want to look good and feel great in the clothes that we buy and wear. On top of feeling and looking good, we all want to get value for our money when it comes to our purchases, and this is no exception when it comes to buying clothes.

  For both of these reasons, it's our duty, as shoppers, to know how to identify good quality clothing when we see it. Unless you're an experienced seamstress, chances are that you'll not know what to look out for when it comes to differentiating between poorly made fashion and high-quality pieces that will last the test of time in your wardrobe. However, with the help of a sourcing hub like Hot Source, you may get an idea about how to source high-quality clothes that could make quite a good profit for your business.

  When it comes to understanding what defines high quality garments, it's important that you are aware of the features of clothes that you need to focus on. This is the only way that you'll be able to select high quality pieces from big chain stores, wholesale suppliers like Fire Label Merchandising, thrift stores and designer boutiques.

    Is it the material that matters most? What should I look out for when buying a patterned dress or coat? Let's take a look at the important aspects of clothing design that you need to pay careful attention to.


  seams   Check for the presence of any loose or broken threads, as they may be the cause of a troublesome rip or hole appearing in the garment. Inspect the item to ensure that the stitches are not too tightly knit, as this will trigger the material to bunch up causing further, more serious, structural damage.


  When it comes to the durability and fit of certain materials, natural fibres like cotton and wool always win over synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester. Having said this, the type of material that you choose will largely depend on the intention that you have for that garment. For example, wool is ideal for keeping you snug and warm during the winter whereas a polyester-blend sock will prevent your feet from overly sweating when working out, as it will not trap moisture.

  woolen socks   Patterns

  Patterns are everywhere this season so it makes perfect sense to know what to look out for when buying a patterned garment. Start by examining it carefully to ensure that the patterns line up at the seams. Patterns and stripes that are completely off and do not match up at the seams is a sure sign of cheap manufacture. patterned jumper   Stitching

  Stitching is where you can get really technical! Without taking a magnifying glass out of your pocket and drawing too much attention to yourself, the stitching is something that you need to look at very closely. Generally speaking, the more stitches that there are per inch, the better finished the piece will be. A high quality and well-made garment should have approximately eight to twelve stitches per inch.

    As well as taking all of the above factors into consideration, you must also pay attention to the hem, zippers, lining, accessories and buttons. You may think that it all sounds a bit too in-depth, but inspecting all of the above elements could literally revolutionise the way you shop. Wave goodbye to broken zips and poor stitching, as you'll be better equipped to choose high quality pieces that will truly last the test of time.

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