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  If you opted to design your home with minimalist themes in mind, your partner is probably more than happy with the results. However, plain walls and hidden storage isn’t going to help you build the perfect man space. Presuming you have a spare bedroom, now is the best time to get dibs on it and tell your partner that renovation work is underway. You work long hours and have to do lots of things to support your family. So, it makes sense that you should have a special retreat where you can unwind and do “man things” at the end of the day. Our ideas are simply here to give you some inspiration. All the final decisions are down to your personal preferences.

Buy a thick and sturdy door

There will come a time when your wife and kids might want to enter your man space. That is not allowed! The first rule of creating a man space is that only men are entitled to enjoy it. So, you need to get a thick and sturdy door to keep the crowd back. You can pick those up from timber specialists online or in your hometown. Alsford Timber Merchants say that doors made from materials like Oak are going to last much longer than cheaper alternatives. So, it makes sense to spend a little more when you find the right provider. 4

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Build a massive shelving unit

You’ll want to keep all your most treasured man-possessions on display in your unique space. With that in mind, you’re going to need a rather large shelving unit to house all those CDs, DVDs, and action figures. To save yourself some money and ensure you get a product that fits correctly, you should think about creating something original. Just dust those tools off, buy some wood, and see what you can do.

Hang your HDTV on the wall

No man-space would be complete without an HDTV. You’ll almost certainly invite all your friends around to watch movies or play video games in your spare time. There is no point expecting them to sit staring at a small screen when they could watch something much bigger in the pub. Considering that, you should purchase the biggest TV your budget can afford. If you look online at the right time of year, you can get products that measure over fifty inches for less than £400. We think that purchase would be worth every penny!

Don’t forget the bar!

Most of the men reading probably enjoy a beer or two at the weekend. As your man-space isn’t too crowded yet, it could be sensible to erect a bar. You can buy them for around £500 online, and you just need to add a couple of fridges. Just make sure your partner doesn’t see you putting hundreds of cans and bottles into the trolley when you visit the supermarket. They will probably think the money could have been spent on more important things. However, we know there is nothing more important than beer. Good luck creating the perfect man space in your home. If any of you would like to send us some photographs when the room is complete; you’ll find the contact details by clicking the first menu at the top left-hand corner of this page. Also, remember to put a lock on the door, so the kids don’t go through all your man-stuff while you’re at work.  

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