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Driving is a basic routine that the majority of us take for granted. Without it, our lives would not function nearly as efficiently as they do now. However, if you have a disability driving is not routine. In fact, it can become incredibly difficult. If you are coming into that stage of your life where driving is a distinct possibility, you need to know how to make it easier. You should miss out on having your own car because you have a disability. Don't let it get one over on you. Follow these tips instead. 1


Choose The Perfect Car

  Depending on how much your disability affects your physical ability, the car will make all the difference. For example, if you have trouble moving your limbs, you do not want a manual vehicle. All the gears and pedals mean that you can never relax and take your foot off the gas, so to speak. In that instance, an automatic car would be best.  

Make Adjustments

  Adapting an already existing car is another option. Not everyone gets a disability allowance and cannot afford a new car. And, not everyone is born with a disability so they cannot make plans accordingly. Again, it depends on your disability because you might just need an automatic transmission installed. But, if you are a wheelchair user you might need more drastic measures. For example, you might need the seat adapting so that you can reach the pedals. Or, you might need to take out the back seats so you can fit your wheelchair in the car.  

Financial Assistance

  Buying a new car is an experience for everyone. That experience is heightened when you have a disability because there are so many more variables to factor in, and not as much choice. One of the biggest problems is the cost. Cars that are adapted for disabled drivers tend to be more expensive because of the adaptations. However, there are schemes that make renting and buying a car ten times easier. The Motability scheme is the first one that springs to mind. They exchange disability allowances and benefits for new cars, scooters and wheelchairs.  

Pick A Specialist Dealer

  Just like disability insurance policies from somewhere like Breeze ( are fit for your needs, car dealerships across the country will specialise in selling cars that are fit for disabled drivers, or they will have a department. When you go into a dealership, make sure they have an understanding of what you need. You can tell straight off the bat whether they are going to cater to your needs or whether they will just try to sell you any old motor. You need someone who understands and who has experience. Otherwise, you will be back to square one.   Disabilities are hard, and you don't need anyone telling you that or giving you pity. What you need to do is make the right decisions that will make everyday activities like driving as easy as they are for everyone else. Driving doesn't have to be difficult for anyone, and it won't be with the tips above.  

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