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It sucks when we have to break up with someone for whatever reason. We have all been there! Sometimes, we don't have any choice, like if we been “dumped,” for example. For some people, breakups can be quite messy. Especially if they involve divorces or kids. Messy breakups aside, there are going to be times when we just can’t get over our ex partners! Are you now ”single”? If so, you are doubtless spending a lot of time thinking about your ex. You might even be thinking about getting back with them. As someone that has done both of those things in the past, I can tell you that they are bad ideas! If you are not sure how to move on from your ex, here are some helpful ways to do so: Delete them from your life Unless you have a tie with your ex, such as having a child together, you should aim to remove them from your life completely. Some people claim that they can be friends with their ex, but those scenarios NEVER work out! People break up for a reason, and they can’t just go back to how things had been before they got together. I can guarantee you that one of them will still want the other back in their lives. The first step to moving on is to delete them from your life! Remove their phone numbers from your mobile phone and remove them from your Facebook account. If you can, avoid going to social gatherings where they are likely to be present. Don’t respond to their messages If they try to contact you via telephone or online, ignore the temptation to respond to them! Most smartphones and landlines have a call blocking feature, and you can set up an email filter to block messages from them. You can also block them on your social media accounts too. I had to do this a few years ago when I got some stalkerish messages from them! Find something to do You used to have a life before you met your ex. Think about the awesome things you used to do before you got together with them, and resume those activities again! A lot of guys would often put their hobbies on hold when meeting someone new in their lives. When people ask how to get over an ex, taking part in new or existing hobbies is one way of doing so. The other benefit of taking up hobbies and activities in your spare time is that you won’t have any idle time. That gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach will soon go forever! Don’t get a rebound partner Finally, don’t make the mistake of getting together with someone new so quick after you have broken up with your partner. Rebound relationships never work. The other downside is that you end up hurting someone in the process because you can’t get over your ex. Spend your spare time getting involved with recreational activities, rather than finding a replacement! By following those top tips, you will soon get over your ex!


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