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It seems like as time progresses, more and more people are opting to treat ailments and conditions the natural way. Instead of taking something externally in the form of pills and surgery, many are looking at the big picture and figuring out that maybe, if we start to heal from within, our health can actually get better. Often over the course of our lives, we can find ourselves needing a service such as an emergency dentist clearwater fl or urgent dental treatment, if we do not trust our dentists then it can lead to us not going to the dentist to get the correct treatment we need.

The same applies to dentistry. In 1978, a group of dentists decided to not just look at teeth as a separate part of a person's health that needs to be well-maintained. Instead, their approach to dental care considered the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the patient.

If you are have already jumped on the bandwagon and have been seeing a biological dentist in Brisbane, here are some things that can help you confirm whether they are truly holistic or not.

  1. Fluoride treatment is not an option

Hmmm let's see. Fluoride puts a child at risk of reduced IQ, causes white spots on the teeth, weakens the bones, and harms the thyroid. It all goes against the principle that one should take the whole well-being of the patient into consideration when performing a dental procedure. A truly holistic dentist will never offer this kind of treatment to their patient.

  1. They won't perform wisdom tooth extraction unless it's a must

Millions of people have to go through the painful process of wisdom tooth extraction even if they don't really need it. The consequence? Numb lips, tongue, and cheeks due to nerve damage. You know your holistic dentist isn't only after your hard-earned $$$ when they will only perform an extraction if it's actually causing a problem. Moreover, if you want some assurance, you can look into a dentist directory (similar to that may also provide customer reviews to get a better idea about the clinic. Just remember, a professional and holistic dentist will make sure no cavities develop after a tooth extraction, as this can possibly cause more complications in the long run.

  1. They don't rely on post-surgery drugs

You're probably used to your regular dentist giving you painkillers after a dental surgery. A holistic dentist on the other hand will prescribe less to no painkillers or antibiotics. Instead, they may recommend that you take a whole food based diet and oral Vitamin C during the healing process.

  1. They don't use amalgam fillings and sealant materials

Most patients go into the dentist's office, open their mouths, let the dentist do their thing without ever really bothering to know what materials were used during the treatment. One of these materials is amalgam fillings, which is composed of about 50% mercury. Yes, that grey thing is stuck into your teeth with your wide mouth open ready to receive mercury vapours. Ick. No holistic dentist would ever put your health at risk like that and will only perform an amalgam free dental procedure.

The same goes for sealant materials which is generally composed of Bisphenol A, the same chemical used in plastics and has also wreaked havoc on the health and development in humans and animals.

  1. They use x-rays as little as possible

Radiation exposure is true and subjecting yourself to multiple x-rays in a short span of time could put you at a lifetime risk of fatal cancer. I don't know about you but cancer sucks; and if your dentist insists on an x-ray after every cleaning or every year, then it's time to call it quits and find another dentist. One that is truly holistic, cares about you, and will only use an X-ray if it is really necessary.

  1. They don't use the same materials for everyone

Every patient is different and a dentist that religiously follows holistic dental practices will only use materials that works best for each patient. They will do this either through a blood test or muscle testing to see if the material doesn't have any adverse reaction. This may be time consuming but as with any holistic dentist, your whole health, not just dental, is of top priority to them.

In Conclusion

It seems like there are many things holistic dentists won't do but this is only because they believe there are better and safer treatments out there that don't put the patient's whole health at risk.

If you're just on the process of looking for a holistic dentist, take note of these tips and you should find a legitimate one in no time.

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