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The best thing about a guys’ night in is the sheer simplicity. We don’t need a fancy theme, cocktails or a new dress. We just need beer, whiskey and the boys. Don’t mess with a formula that works, right? Get a good group of mates together and you don’t need to put much work into a good night. But, if you need a few extra ideas and tips, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve hosted our fair share of guys’ nights and been to even more. We know what works and what doesn’t. Here are few awesome ideas. 1


Create the perfect man cave

  First of all, kit the place out to show it off. The perfect bachelor pad is a simple, classic affair. Simple leather sofas arranged around the TV or hi fi system works a treat. Don’t be afraid to get decorative with a few rugs and some good art for the walls either. Finally, install a little drinks cabinet or wet bar for a really great night in vibe.  

Get the drinks in

  You don’t need to go crazy here. Stock up with a few essential beers and lagers. Keep them chilled in a beer fridge or have them on ice if you’re feeling classy. Something a little stronger is always a good idea for later in the evening. Whiskey and brandy are the usual culprits but find your own weapon of choice here. It’s always best to get too much, rather than too little. There’s nothing worse than running out of drinks at 10pm when you’re just getting started. Don’t worry if there’s plenty left over.  

Poker night

  When planning a guys’ night in, you don’t want to put too much effort into the activities. There should be no itinerary or planning involved here! But, a casual activity is a good way to kick things off. A poker night always goes down a treat. A little friendly gambling is the perfect laid back evening. Get a hang of how hands are ranked and make sure everyone knows the style of poker. Arguments and disagreements are not welcome at guys’ night!  

Watch the big match

  If you’ve got a large TV, make the most of it by inviting the guys around for the match. Load up on snacks, crisps and drinks and you’re all set. You’ll bond over shared allegiances and shout angrily at the TV. You could even put bets on the result to really spice things up. It always makes the game a little more interesting.  

Games console

  Getting the XBox out isn’t just for the kids. Hook up three or four controllers and you’re all set for an awesome night, trust us. Pick up the latest game and load up the multiplayer option. If there are a few of you, keep it moving and swap turns. You’ll easily kill four hours before you even realise.   There’s nothing better than a relaxed guys’ night in. There’s no drama, just a little gambling, a few drinks and a good laugh. Easy.  

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