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You spent all summer being casual in shorts and t-shirts, and now fall is underway and you’re probably wondering how to continue that casual and carefree look for a little longer. It’s the perfect time of the year for bonfires and get togethers, so you don’t want to be stuffy in your clothes, like button-down shirts.

Casual isn’t about throwing on whatever you want, it’s about looking good and feeling comfortable, and maybe not looking like you are about to head to a business meeting.

Try A Polo Instead Of Buttons

While some button-down shirts can have a casual flare to them, most of the time they are a bit too much for a more laid back look. However, a polo shirt can do the trick. While polos are short sleeved, and a chill is starting to come in the air, they are still a good choice for autumn and look great with the right hoodie.

When you are shopping for a polo you’ll have some different fabric choices, and you can pick what works best for you. Same goes with colors!

Layer Your Layers

Fall fashion is all about the layers. The chillier nights call for more layers of clothing, and also allows for easy removal of layers when you enter someplace warm. Wearing a sweater and a turtleneck and get warm, just take off the sweater.

At the start of fall a good hoodie is probably all you’ll need, and you can wear your hoodie right into the start of winter until it’s too cold. Then it makes a great layer under your winter jacket.

Warmer Pants

While jeans and khakis are normally the top choice for casual pants, there’s a new pant in town (or an old one come back). You can still pair up your khakis with a good polo or wear your jeans with your favorite turtleneck, but if you want the warmest pants, look for corduroy.

The thick cords of corduroy pants lend them to be a bit warming, making them great for blocking the chill air from freezing your legs when the fall chill starts to set in the air. These days you can find corduroy pants in all sorts of cuts and colors, perfect for any style.

If you like casual, you’ll definitely enjoy these style choices. Plus, it doesn’t take much to dress them up a little bit and make them a more classy look. Add a dress jacket with your turtleneck or pair a nice dress shirt with your skinny corduroy pants.

Not only do you want to be a little warmer in the fall weather, but you also want to remain stylish and these clothes will definitely keep you in style.

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