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Traditional clothing, like kilts and tweed suits, aren’t usually seen in mainstream fashion and street style. This is often because most people associate them with a particularly stereotype and because they tend to be viewed as dated and out of place in the current fashion world. Yet, the materials, colours and patterns used in traditional clothing are a constant inspiration to fashion designers around the world. And if you think about it, most traditional clothing looks classic and is made from good quality materials. It’s about time we forget those negative connotations. We should be using creative ways to incorporate traditional clothing into current fashion. Here’s how you can take a modern twist on some classic clothing:

Mix traditional with contemporary

Combine your traditional items with your contemporary clothing. Here are some examples of how you can do this:
  • Add a leather jacket over a graphic t-shirt and kilt for a kick-ass evening ensemble.
  • Wear a tweed jacket over a shirt and jeans, for a laid-back yet smart look for work or the weekend.
Another area where you can pull off the traditional meets contemporary look in style is with military wear. Military inspired jackets, trousers and other items are predicted to be hot this spring and summer. So you should have no trouble sourcing inspiration and clothing. Here are some ideas on how you can experiment with this look:
  • For a cool, laid-back look, wear a camo t-shirt or shirt over black skinny jeans.
  • Wear a khaki green jacket over a modern suit for a chic and practical ensemble.
White outfits are evocative of the clothing traditionally worn by sailors. White is a great colour to wear in spring and summer, and again, is predicted to be on trend during the warmer seasons.
  • Be daring and wear all white. A white suit with a white t-shirt underneath looks effortlessly chic. Just mix up the textures and materials to create a bit of contrast.
  • White jeans with nautical inspired blue and white or red and white striped t-shirts is another great style combination.

Or you could just leave it to the professionals

Many clothes retailers have realised that there is a demand for an up-to-date take on traditional clothing. For example, you can now buy Muslim clothing in a range of trendy colours and styles. I think this is a great movement, as it allows people to be creative with their style while adhering to their religion and beliefs. As mentioned in the introduction, many designers are influenced by certain elements of traditional clothing. Have a look at images from any runway, and you’ll notice detailing borrowed from traditional attire from all around the world. These pictures will give you inspiration for your own style. Additionally, next time you are browsing in store or online for a few new things, keep an eye out for clothing that is evocative of traditional clothes. So, don’t dismiss classic clothing. With a little creativity, you can create a very stylish traditional meets modern look. 4

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