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Retirement is a time that everyone seems to look forward to. It’s an exciting checkpoint which people work their entire adult lives working towards to be able to finally live their lives without the stress of schedules and deadlines.  

Many people finally arrive at retirement, so excited and ready to start their new lives as job-free retired folks in the golden days of their lives, only to arrive at the destination and suddenly wonder what they are possibly going to do with all this free time on their hands.

Some retired people enter a period of loneliness and depression since they have all this time and a bit of a “phantom limb” syndrome missing a daily routine.  Here are some tips for making sure you feel plenty busy during your retirement and find a way to enjoy your extra time.

Stay On Top Of Your Finances

Make sure that you stay on top of exactly how much money you have at all times since you are no longer generating income.  Stay up to date with your bank account balance , credit reports, and stay aware of the value of any stocks or annuities you have put aside for yourself.

This daily little routine of making sure you are on top of your fiscal situation should give you a sense of normalcy and a feeling of comfort knowing exactly what you can count on for money.

Give Yourself a Schedule

Try to wake up at least several days out of the week with an alarm.  Even though you may not necessarily have an office to be at, a schedule gets you into a routine and a feeling of purpose.

You can even schedule in the fun stuff like golf, swim, or go for a drink with a friend. Even though your schedule may not necessarily be full of deadlines or a traditional work day, this sense of a timeline can make you feel more active and avoid slipping into a depressed state.

Join Activities

Consider joining a club or a team of some sort.  Bowling teams are often great options since they offer senior discounts.

Golf is also quite popular among retired citizens and is a great way to get in some low impact cardiovascular exercise.   

If you are young at heart try something crazy! Rock climbing. Kayaking. Or even parachuting! Why not?

Be Creative

Getting creative is a great way to keep your mind active.  Part of the beauty of retirement is being able to attend to projects which you never had the time to do during your work schedule.

Decorate your living room the way you always wanted!  Make those upgrades on your car. Or take up singing!  Whatever you decide to do make sure that it keeps your mind happy and you get genuine fulfillment out of it.

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