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Travelling is always great fun! I always take the opportunity to travel and visit new destinations when I can. But with flight and accommodation costs rising, many  find it hard to seek adventure in new lands these days. One can also travel by train or car, but those alternatives are expensive. A cheaper way is to travel by sea. In today’s blog post, I will help you find ways of travelling the world by sea!


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  Cargo ship Most people think that they can only travel the world by sea on a passenger ship. But a cheaper alternative is to hop on a cargo ship! Cargo ships, as the name suggests, transport freight between various seaports. Cargo ships transport freight between various seaports. Many shipping firms, such as Canada Line, allow people to travel with them. You have your own cabin on the ship, and are free to access most areas of the ship. Crew members are happy to see fresh faces on board, and most will even give you guided tours of the ship! Your ticket includes accommodation and meals. And despite what you might be thinking, the meals prepared on cargo ships are restaurant quality. Sometimes meals can be quite extravagant, depending on who the chef is! The downside to cargo ships is that they are working vessels. Cargo ships are nothing like "normal" cruise ships! Passenger cruise liners  Another option to travel by sea is by going on passenger cruise liners. There is a range of activities and entertainment on board. Unlike with cargo ships, the focus is on ensuring that you have a brilliant time on board and that they meet  your requirements. Because your ticket includes the price of meals and accommodation, there are usually no “extras” to pay on board. There is a range of different global destinations to choose from, as well as varying levels of cabin luxury. Companies such as P&O can help you to determine a travel itinerary that will meet with your schedule and budget. Sailing yachts  Some people prefer the intimacy or peace and quiet that sailing yachts offer. Hiring a yacht is cheaper than paying for a cabin on a cargo or passenger ship. There are many options when it comes to hiring sailing yachts. For example, you can yacht that you sail yourself, or one where a skipper sails you to your destinations. Some yachts even include a full crew, offering most luxuries that you would expect to receive on board a cruise liner. If you have a tight budget, you might want to sail a small yacht yourself. Make sure that it comes with a good boat heater, such as the Eberspacher from You can also get a yourself a yacht to rent to sail around the globe thanks to a variety of companies. A VHF radio is also necessary for communicating with coastguards and other boats. You should ensure your boat has some basic cooking and washing facilities too. Finally, your sailing yacht will need to be in a seaworthy condition! By inspecting the yacht before you hire it, you will have an enjoyable adventure! This article was provided by

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