I know there are all kinds of weird and wonderful cars out there that I could buy. For my next car, I am making the bold step of opting for an electric vehicle! Sure, there are hybrids out there that can offer the best of both worlds in a sense. But, I believe that an all-electric car is the better option for me.   You might be curious why I've decided to move away from vehicles with "regular" engines. Let me share with you the reasoning behind my decision: 1

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There is a better choice of electric cars for 2015

  Car makers are starting to wise up to the fact that many of us want EVs. They also know they can capitalise on the market because it's still in its infancy. Yes, I know electric cars have been around since the early 1900s. But, there's never been a stage where there's been mass-market appeal until the 2000s.   Now that I've decided I want to buy an electric car, I need to spend some time choosing the right one for my needs. The good news (and perhaps bad in my case) is that there are many models available to select. Never has there been a better choice of EVs on the market as there is in 2015!

Zero carbon emissions

  The main driving factor (excuse the pun) behind my decision is the zero carbon emissions. I am trying to lead a greener, more sustainable lifestyle these days, and if that means making some changes to my lifestyle and the things in it, then that is what I will do - learn more here. That's why deciding to drive a car that doesn't pollute the environment every time I get behind the wheel is a good start for me. We all have to start somewhere, right?   I can guarantee you'd get shocked at your annual carbon footprint from your car. I want to be one of those people that has "zero" next to mine. At least from a transport perspective, in any case! 2

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Plenty of charging points

  The government is going to great lengths to promote the benefits of electric vehicles. One of those is their promise to keep investing in EV charging points throughout the country.   That means range anxiety is now a thing of the past. In the worst-case scenario, you can still hook up your car to a standard mains power outlet. It's also worth bearing in mind new technology is getting developed as we speak. For example, in the future wireless charging could mean EVs get charged as we drive! Battery technology is also getting advanced. More capacity will get made available in a smaller format.  

It's easy to buy an electric car these days

  There's no longer a massive waiting list for electric vehicles these days. You can just walk into a dealer's showroom and place your order! Of course, you need to get the best deal on your EV before you hand over any money. 3

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  The dealer will try to have you part-exchange your car, for example. But, we all know you'll get more money if you sell the vehicle yourself. I decided to sell my car with AutoTrader and made a couple of grand over the p/x price!   I hope you've found my blog article useful if you're thinking of getting an EV as well. Now all I need to do is choose the right model for my lifestyle!

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