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As soon as you took your Air 2 out of its box, you realized you didn’t buy just any iPad. At 437 grams and 6.1 millimetres thin, it’s 18% slimmer than the previous generation. Apple may call it ‘sturdy’ and ‘rigid’, but the Air 2 is still an impossibly thin and light device. So light that you’re a little hesitant about carrying it around with you wherever you go. If you’re worried about damaging its aluminum unibody with scuffs and scratches, don’t wait to find protection. Order an iPad Air 2 skin today!


The word ‘skin’ might come as a surprise in terms of protection. Most iPad owners opt for a hard case to protect their device, so it’s easy to think they’re the best—if not only—form of defence. That’s simply wrong.

You bought the Air 2 because of its looks. Its contours, curves, and smooth aluminum come together to create a sleek and beautiful device that’s hard not to fall in love with. Anything you choose to protect it with should enhance its style, not cover it; yet, that’s exactly what a plastic case will do. They’re heavy and clunky pieces that encase your iPad in a jail cell. Often, they’re made from cheap recyclable materials manufactured in Shenzhen, designed using leaked blueprints that don’t necessarily fit with the actual dimensions of the device.

The best iPad Air skins online, on the other hand, are engineered with the exact style and dimensions of the Air 2 in mind. Rather than a clunky piece of plastic that fits around the iPad, Air 2 skins are made out of a vinyl that clings to every curve and corner of the device. Barely measuring in millimetres itself, it doesn’t add any weight or bulk that would ruin the Air 2’s signature style.

An iPad Air 2 skin takes after the device in more ways than just its size. Just like your Air 2, an iPad skin is a thin yet mighty piece of technology. Though lightweight and flexible, a skin can protect the vulnerable aluminum body of the iPad from accidental scratches, scuffs, and gouges. It also has a unique texture that can help you in more ways than one. Once fitted around your iPad, it makes the Air 2 easier to hold onto, which will significantly lower the chances of it slipping from your grasp. That very same texture makes it harder to slide on top of surfaces, eliminating the chance of scuffing its body on tables, benches, or desks. With this added resistance, you’ll never accidentally slide your iPad clean off of a table either.

Knowing your Air 2 is backed by this powerful skin can make taking it out in the wild a little less stressful. With a vinyl skin attached to your iPad, you can take it wherever your life takes you without the worry of dropping or scuffing it. But don’t worry about sacrificing style to deck out your device. iPad skins can be customized to your liking, so your Air 2 is draped in your favorite color and texture combination. So open up Safari and start searching for the best place to buy your iPad Air skin. You won’t be sorry.

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