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Maybe you’re stuck in the airport and the only thing you have for company is your laptop. Maybe you’re bored at home and have absolutely nothing else to do. I don’t know your situation; but I do know there are a load of fun things you can do online. Keep yourself occupied with these ideas!

Get Qualified in Something

The world wide web is a fantastic place to get qualified in something. There are many online courses you can choose from that allow you to become qualified at your own pace. Don’t get me wrong; it’ll probably take longer than an hour. However, doing something like this can really enrich your life!

Learn a New Skill

Instead of getting a qualification, you can teach yourself a new skill. Youtube is one of the best places to go with lessons on absolutely anything and everything. Learn an instrument, or learn a new language. Get stuck in there and better yourself!

Gamble a Little

I say a little, because gambling can be dangerous if you do it too often. Some people have naturally addictive personalities, which means they can become dependant on something to get their kicks. If you know when to stop, brilliant! If you start gambling with money that doesn’t belong to you, you have a problem. Don’t tell yourself you’ll win it back - it never happens. Quit while you’re ahead. Using the Irish lotto website is one of the least dangerous ways to gamble. Stay safe and responsible when you gamble! 1

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Play Games

There are games galore online; we all know I’m a bit of a game geek! There’s a game for everybody, so find something you like on a games site. Racing, fighting, brain training, you name it!


People post stories online everyday. Both fiction and nonfiction will be easy to find. You could read blog posts, or buy a PDF book and read that instead.

Shop for Stuff

Shopping on a whim isn’t a very good idea for your bank balance, but it’ll keep you busy. If there’s something you’ve needed for a while, keep yourself busy by reading reviews and then buying. For example, don’t order a lawn mower without reading a review first. You can even do your weekly food shop online these days, and it can save a lot of time!

Watch TV

The internet is another place to watch TV, with plenty of catchup and playback sites. You can watch your favorite programs, both old and new. No need to pay anything! Sites like Netflix cost a small amount each month, but you can watch all kinds of films. Hopefully I’ve given you a ton of ways to fill up your time. Many of these won’t just be ‘killing’ time either - they are great ways to become an all round better, more enriched person. I hope you use them to your advantage and enjoy them. Leave me a comment if you have any tips of your own. See you later!  

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