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  One thing all men can agree is kitting out your ‘man cave’ is essential. We spend a lot of time in our lair, so the decorations have to be spot on. Where we might start to disagree, however, is how you decorate. The next idea might take you by surprise, but seriously consider it before you make a judgement. What about kitting out your bachelor pad with memories from your past? It might not sound manly, but if you do it right, it will be the perfect look.


Pictures are not just for the scrapbook. Okay, so you don’t have a scrapbook, but you know what I mean! All those pictures you have on your phone or Facebook don’t have to stay there collecting digital dust. What you can do is print off a couple of your favourites and plaster them all along the walls of your pad. The great thing about this tip is you can make it as personal and manly as you want. Just pick the pictures that give off the best vibe. 640px-Man_cave_office


Board games

Board games have two purposes. Firstly, they remind you of your family and all the good times spent with your brothers, sisters, etc. Secondly, board games like Monopoly are retro and are currently in fashion. Just one or two old school board games around the house will have sentimental value and look the part. 640px-Ms._Pac-Man_&_Donkey_Kong_-_arcade_cabinets


Pokémon Cards

You must have collected Pokémon cards when you were a kid. Back at the start of the twenty-first century, a Pokémon card was the symbol of coolness. If you didn’t have one, you were not cool. It was harsh, but at the time it was true. You know how kids are! Today, Pokémon cards are still a symbol of coolness, which is a great reason to use them in your man pad. Just like retro board games, Pokémon cards are in fashion at the minute. A couple strategically placed around the house will tell visitors you are on top of today’s trends.

Retro Arcade Games

When you think about conventional bachelor pads, a games room instantly springs to mind. Every self-respecting bachelor pad has one, and yours can be no different. Coincidentally, arcade games like Pacman and Tetris were a massive part of every young boy’s life. The original arcade games will instantly remind you of all the times you whiled away the hours in the summer trying to beat your high score. Plus, they are just as fun today as they were back in the day. Arcade games fit the bill. 640px-NadelAufPlatte



Music is incredibly personal. One lyric could have a thousand different meanings for a thousand different listeners. Plus, certain songs will remind you of certain parts of your life. It might be a song from your childhood or a song that always played while you were on your first lads’ holiday. With regards to stimulating memories, music has a monopoly. Luckily, framed records look the business when you hang them around your bedroom or your games room. Using memories doesn’t seem like a bad idea now, does it?!  

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