For those of us that aren’t fitness fanatics, a gym session or jog usually starts with a huge sigh. And let’s be honest; if there were something, anything, which could get us out of it, we would take it! When we do muster the energy for exercise, it’s the fact that it is good for us and that we feel better afterwards that motivates us. Rarely, is it the fact that we actually enjoy the process. But don’t categorise yourself as someone who isn’t an exercise enthusiast just yet. There are many things you can do to make working out work for you. Check out the following tips on how to inject some fun into fitness. 1

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  1. The more, the merrier!

For some people, exercising alone quickly leads to boredom and a lack of motivation. And let’s face it, when working out solo it’s much easier to make excuses for finishing early, taking it very easy or avoiding exercise completely. For these reasons, many people find it more effective to work out with a friend, as part of a class or a team. Fitness in numbers adds a social dimension, making it more fun and interesting. It also means you will give and receive support and encouragement, which will help you to stay motivated. 2

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  1. Find your favourite fitness

It has been suggested in many sources that doing a form of exercise that you don’t enjoy can actually be counter-productive to your health and to losing weight. So, it’s important to focus your efforts on types of physical activity that make you love. Going to the gym might be the easiest and most obvious fitness option, but do you really enjoy it? You may be happier, and see better results playing a team sport, taking part in an exercise class or trying out an  outdoor sport, like surfing. There are so many options out there for keeping fit, so give plenty of them a try until you find your favourites. 3

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  1. Look and feel the part

Once you’ve found your favourite exercise, it’s time to kit yourself out so that you look and feel like a proper athlete. Have fun when picking out your gear. These days sports clothing offers function as well as fashion. For an extra level of fun, you may even wish to personalise your gear with custom bike jerseys or helmets, for example. Make sure you buy from reputable retailers. Poor quality clothing and equipment will only make exercising harder and less enjoyable. By choosing high-quality sports gear you will not only look like a pro, but they will make the exercise easier and, therefore, more pleasurable. 4

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  1. Be a fitness geek

From listening to your favourite workout songs on your iPod to tracking your progress with the latest fitness app, there are so many gadgets and tools you can use to make fitness more fun. Take a look at the latest sports tech and find a few that will make your fitness sessions more fun. Thanks for reading!

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