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Men are infamous for being commitment phobes. Many of them get frightened at the thought of spending their lives with one woman. In a lot of instances you can’t blame them; it’s programmed into them. Without saying anything too gross, it’s natural for them to want to ‘sew their wild oats’. However, smart men know when it’s the right time to settle down. Settling down doesn’t have to mean getting a house, having kids, and generally growing old together right away. It definitely shouldn’t mean ‘settling’. When you find a woman you love and who loves you, when you’ve been together a while and you can both live in harmony, it’s probably time to think about putting a ring on it. You know, a bit like that Beyonce song. Here are some signs it’s time for you to tie your woman down:  

You’re Both Happy Together

  Are you and your partner both happy together? Genuinely happy? Don’t get me wrong, there will be ups and downs in any relationship. It’s normal, and it’s healthy to have them! However, overall you should both be happy. The good times should outweigh the bad times, and you shouldn’t need to convince yourself of that fact.  

You’re Best Friends

  There’s nothing quite like being best friends with your partner. You have fun together, you laugh together, you like doing the same things. You should be able to confide in one another and discuss your fears and the things that make you happy. They should be the person you want to turn to when something happens in your life!  

You’ve Kept the Spark Alive

  If you’ve been together a while, keeping the spark alive is essential. Marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly. Two people who have been together a while can start to feel stuck in a rut. Rather than letting things deteriorate and accepting it, put in some work to fix it. All relationships take work! If you know you can keep the spark alive, you may want to start looking at Verragio engagement rings.  

You Can Communicate

  Communication is something that both of you need to be able to do effectively. Both of you will probably have different styles, but being able to overcome your problems together is a must. You shouldn’t try to play games or win arguments. Coming to an agreement you’re both happy with is the key! 2

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You Both Want the Same Things

  Do you both want the same things for the future? A house somewhere nice? 3 kids? A dog? You should know before you put a ring on it. Only then can you be sure that this is right for both of you! If you both want the same things for the future, an engagement ring could be the best gift you give to her.   Hopefully, this post made things a little clearer for you. Don’t let indecisiveness get in your way here - you’ll only regret it later on when she’s dancing to Beyonce with another man. Good luck!

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