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Looking good is a must for any man. But, how can you make sure that you look amazing during the winter and keep those hotties falling in your lap? When it comes to styling tips, many men don’t look beyond jeans and a t-shirt. Why would you? It’s a classic look. But, during the winter, jeans and a t-shirt just don’t cut it. So, how can you maximise your animal magnetism during the long, winter months?  

Hats Appeal

  Hats are the best thing ever. Not only do they keep you warm, you look good too. You may want something to keep your head warm with a classic beanie. But, you may want something a little cooler like personalized caps. Whatever you want, there are some serious pieces of head candy on the market this winter. Opt for darker colours to ensure that you are in tune with the winter months. Anything too bright can look a little garish. It’s all about playing it cool.  

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Classic Coat

  A classic trench is always going to be a winner. When it comes to a trench style coat, black or grey is a must. It’s the ultimate work coat. But, it’s cool enough to wear down the pub too. So, whatever your weekend plans is, make sure that you are opting for a cool trench. Wool fabrics are the best for winter. Plus, it keeps your coat looking expensive. Don’t opt for cheaper synthetic materials. They look exactly that. After all, a well-dressed man is sure to make any lady go weak at the knees. The great thing about the trench coat is that it’s versatile. Jean, suits and trainers all look grand with this kind of classic, well-cut look. 2



Layer with a Gillet

  Gillet's a firm favourite with any style conscious man. They are great for the weekend. What’s more, they are a no-fuss way of keeping warm. Aside from the fact that they exude cool, they are a great way of making sure that your arms are free for important man tasks. Xbox and beer drinking has never been made easier. Throw your gillet on top of a long sleeved t-shirt for a classic look. Couple with jeans and canvas style sneakers to complete your look. Of course, you can add a gillet over suit, but it may look a little odd.  It may be best to stick to a classic look.  

Sheer Scarf Delight

  Scarves are a winter must. Aside from keeping your neck warm and the cold out, they can complete any outfit. Whether you want something to accompany you with your work attire or something that can be worn more casually on the weekend, a good scarf is the perfect companion. This year, it’s all about tartan. So, keep it classic with red and blue shades. Cashmere and wool are the best ways to go. Do avoid throwing it around your neck like a whimsical snowman. The key to making your scarf look good is to learn to tie it correctly. After all, you would hate to make a fashion faux pas. 3

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