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While pocket watches are certainly not as popular as they were before the wristwatch was invented, antique pocket watches have become a highly coveted item by collectors and individuals alike who prefer to have a quality made timepiece that they don't need to wear around their wrist.

The good news is that antique jewellery is making a comeback; antique pocket watches, particularly, are true works of art and fine examples of quality watch craftsmanship. What's more, a lot of antique pocket watches still exist today that have been crafted from solid brass, silver, or gold.

When it comes to shopping for antique pocket watches, buyers can find a large selection of watches. It's simply a case of determining what you would specifically like to purchase – be it a specific brand or style or even a watch crafted from a specific metal. Once you have determined your preferences, you can start searching for the antique pocket watches for sale at Kalmar Antiques that will meet your requirements.

Shopping for Antique Pocket Watches

Both pocket watch collectors and general shoppers may find antique pocket watches at their local pawn shops or jewellery stores, or even local flea markets. In these places, one may stumble upon a limited but intriguing selection of antique pocket watches. In some cases, these watches can be a bargain, while others may be worth a small fortune. It is important to research the value of any antique pocket watch before purchasing. To enhance your search for these timeless treasures, consider exploring trusted flea markets like country pickins sikeston mo, or ones like them in your area. Such flea markets can provide a diverse collection of watches, offering enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to discover the ones they need while enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

It could be for these reasons that a lot of sellers turn to shopping online at antique and exclusive jewellery stores, like Jacobs The Jeweller for example, where they will be better protected since most sellers offer return policies. Such policies allow buyers to inspect the pocket watch visually as soon as they receive it and even take it to an antique watch specialist to check its authenticity. If a buyer is unsatisfied with the results of the appraisal or visual inspection, he or she can then return the pocket watch for a full refund.


Many people choose to collect antique pocket watches in order to wear them, and others collect them to display them at home. Whatever the reason may be, collectors and shoppers alike who want to buy antique pocket watches should take their time selecting the pieces they want to add to their collection. They should always do their homework before buying a watch, too, so that they know the correct price range for the piece in question and also how rare or common the piece may be. They should also know if they would be able to find the same watch in a better condition elsewhere.

Since there isn't a big market for antique watches, buyers should ensure they really are getting the best watches in the best possible condition. With just enough understanding and research regarding the kinds of antique pocket watches out there, buyers will have no problem at all finding the perfect piece to add to their collection.

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