If you're in an urban area, then you may get frustrated fighting against traffic when you're trying to get from one place to another. Once it reaches a fever pitch, that's when it may be time to make some decisions about finding another way to commute around town. And believe it or not, you have many options. But, you may decide that some of the practical solutions are either trendy or not-so-trendy depending on if you care how you look. Consider a few examples. There are low-cost electric skateboards that you can get around town in. Some people choose to buy scooters to make commuting easier. For people with the alternative mindset, you can purchase electric unicycles to get around. Also, then there's the classic way of buying a bicycle so you can ride to anywhere within a few miles.

Electric Skateboards

  Gaining in popularity in recent years, you can use an electric skateboard, and it's a wonderful way to get from one place to another as long as you know how to use the roads and sidewalks. Some very trendy younger people have turned skateboard commuting into a science and a passion, but you're less likely to see older people trying out this method of getting around on four wheels. There is some risk involved if you're not aware of your surroundings and are unfamiliar with how skateboards work.  


  If you still want something with a motor and a comfortable seat, you can look into a scooter to do your commuting with. However, you do still have to follow the rules of the road, and you have to know if there are parking places at your destination. Scooters can be more expensive than other options as well, while only giving you some of the benefits of smaller forms of commuting.  

Electric Unicycles

  If you're not worried about looking a little unique, you can buy an electric unicycle and call it a day. Some of the more modern versions of this mode of transportation are light enough that you can carry it around after you're done using it as well. You might get some people looking at you with raised eyebrows, but it's definitely a solution to the problem of avoiding traffic.  


  There's always the option of buying a bicycle use for commuting as well. Bikes are inexpensive, easy to ride, relatively safe, good for the environment and your health, and are normal enough that you don't have to worry about people looking at you strangely as you're going and work. There are many different types of bikes, so you'll definitely be able to find one you like. If you're into electric bikes, check out somewhere like Aventon to learn more about them. If you're more rough and ready, a mountain bike might be better suited to you. There are so many options! Sometimes it can be a little hard to find a place to secure your bike outside of your destination, but depending on the city that you live in, you just may have to figure out the best way to approach that aspect of commuting.

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