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Just think of your partner's face when she sees a unique engagement ring as you propose somewhere she would not have expected!


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If you are thinking of proposing to your partner, then you may want to do it in a unique fashion to make it as memorable as possible. As well as proposing in a unique way, you can also have a bespoke engagement ring created which will go a long way to showing them just how much you love them.

Choosing a One of a Kind Ring

If you know what your partner's preference is when it comes to engagement rings, then you can find handmade engagement rings in Brisbane CBD quite quickly. If you are unsure, then you will need to do some strategic research and find out while being as subtle as you can. You could engage the help of a friend or family member that can assist you in creating the perfect engagement ring. Once you know what you are looking for, it is time to speak to the jewellers.

It pays to shop around when looking for a jeweller to create a bespoke ring, and you will want to make sure that you choose a reputable company that also has all of the correct certificates and accreditations. When you have found the jeweller you are most satisfied with, you can start the process of combining perfect cut diamonds & gems to form your partner's dream engagement ring. Now to figure out how to propose in a way she would never expect!

It is also worth looking into the gemstone that you choose for the engagement ring. Diamonds are the most well-known choice but there have been rising concerns about how they're sourced. If your fiance is environmentally conscious, it might be worth looking into an alternative such as this moissanite engagement ring.

After you've purchased the ring, you must keep it safe until the proposal day. While there are numerous locations where your ring could be hidden, the best place would be one that is close to you. Getting a ring accessory from e-portals like RingBandits is one way to accomplish it. And once the proposal is done, you could gift the same to your would-be, so that they have a place to secure the ring safely while doing their chores.

A Unique Proposal

There are many different ways that you can propose to your loved one that are unique and often cute. However, the best way for you and your partner will depend on what type of people you are, and what your interests are. If your other half is afraid of heights, taking her skydiving and proposing with a ring may not go down too well! Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • A cup - Some people have proposed using a novelty cup with the words "Marry Me" printed at the bottom of the inside of the cup. When she finishes her drink, she will read the text, as long as it is not upside down!
  • A QR code – You can even buy a necklace that has a QR code that can be scanned using a smartphone. When the code is scanned the phrase will come up "Will You Marry Me?" Just make sure the correct person scans it.
  • Ice cream – There was a report instance of a man having a specially made tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream that had the words "Will You Marry Me?" in it. Now that's sweet!
  • On a roller coaster – There have been instances where a man enlists the help of his friends. Most roller coasters take pictures of you so that you can remember the event. There have been instances where at the correct time the man and his friends hold up signs asking the girl to marry him while she is sitting at the front of the ride unaware until she sees the picture after getting off of the ride that is.

With a unique engagement ring and a novel way of proposing, she will be putty in your hands and she may just make you the happiest man alive!

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