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Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while. However, some people just don't do too well with too much free time on their hands. These are the people that always need to have something to do. When it comes time to take your vacation you may want to make sure you have an itinerary planned out so that you can make the most of it, especially if you don't get PTO (paid time off). When you aren't paid to take a break from work, every day you get to yourself is valuable! Here are some particular vacation ideas for those people that just can't sit still when it comes to days off. You'll be able to enjoy some time away from work, but you won't have to feel bored at all whilst you're away, helping you to feel like you made the most of every second. pic Try A Staycation Can't afford to go too far from home? Try a staycation- a vacation right in your own home town. No need to rent a room or put up a tent (of course you can camp out in your own backyard if you want to). If you have kids, focus your staycation on things they can be involved in. Go geocaching, try bowling or golfing, visit the local museums. Depending on where you live there could be any number of things for you to do. You can enjoy time at home as well, with a bonfire and crafting projects. If you don't have kids, maybe you want your vacation to be a productive one by working on home repairs or remodeling. It's your vacation, do what you want with it. pic Volunteer Abroad If you are the more adventurous type you may like the idea of being a traveling volunteer. You can find many different volunteer programs that will allow you to travel to another part of the world where you can help save the rainforest, get water to thirsty people, or maybe even spread the word of God. Whatever interest you have, it's likely there is someplace abroad you can take a volunteer vacation to. where you can do something you enjoy while helping other people out. Nothing feels more nobel than doing something good with your time off. Need help planning your vacation itinerary? There's an app for that. You can easily get online and set up your whole vacation plan with a helpful app and make sure that you stay busy and don't have a moment of wasted time while on vacation. After reading all of this, if you decide that you really just want to have some time to relax while you are on vacation, you can always pick some TV shows to binge watch on Netflix or Hulu, find a couple books to read, or maybe work on that best selling novel you've always dreamed of writing. It's your vacation- do what you want with it!

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