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If you are one of those males that has always just thrown on a t-shirt and the first pair of pants you can find that doesn’t seem to have any stains on it, the idea of fashion may be something foreign to you.  Fashion may totally boggle your mind.  However, depending on what your circumstances are, you may want to start incorporating more fashion into your life.  You may have an event coming up or a new job which you need to look sharp for. Or perhaps you just want to get in touch with the more fashionable side of yourself which you’ve been missing out on.   Whatever your situation and motivation may be, when it comes to getting started on your fashion journey, there are a few basic tips to follow along the way.  Here are the best tips for being a fashionable male.  

Take Care Of Your Clothes

  If you are going to be spending money on clothes, you are going to want to make sure that you are stretching your dollar.  There is no point in going out and spending your hard earned cash on clothing, only to treat it poorly.  Leaving it on the floor or washing it on a too hot or too cold setting can lead to your clothing degrading quickly.   You will want to make sure that you store it properly by doing whatever it takes.  That means buying proper drawers or getting rid of moths if you have a closet which is less than ideal.  Your clothes will last, as long as you treat them with care.  

Think Quality Over Quantity

  When buying yourself clothing, you should think about buying good quality brands which are made well.  If you are focused on buying in bulk, just to have lots of clothes, then you will be compromising the quality of your wardrobe.   Instead of buying 10 shirts that are mediocre, it is much more ideal to buy 2 shirts which are fantastic and you feel good in.   As long as you go into the store with this mentality and buy things that make you feel confident, you won’t go wrong with your purchases. Before you know it, you’ll have a wardrobe full of fantastic signature pieces.  

Check Out The Latest Trends

  If you aren’t much a style buff yet, you will want to get educated on it.  The best way to know what is stylish and looks good is to stay up to date with the latest trends.  You can find these in blogs and magazines.  Every few months, go ahead and browse to see what the newest emerging trends are and see if you think it is something that would work for you.   Try to keep an open mind rather than getting stuck in an era.  The key to fashion is being creative and confident.   It isn't just fashion that keeps you looking stylish. You'll also want to consider how well you're grooming yourself. Taking a little extra time in the morning to make more of an effort into your skincare regime can make a massive difference, not just to your professional appearance but also to your mood! The better you feel about how you look the more confident you'll come across. Check out the great advice at about how the right tools can impact your look and make you feel better all day long.  

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