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It can be hard to be a man sometimes. It can be even harder to be an older man. Your virility is waning. You are losing your hair. That six pack is no a keg. It might be tempting just to give up, but you need to fight back. Sure your best years are behind you. You want to be strong for the future though right? Don’t consign yourself to middle age. Make a stand and try to get some of your youth back, and I’m going to help you. First of all, let’s look at exercise. How long has it been since you went for a run? Did you last pick up a dumbbell in 1989? Exercise gets more important the older you are. Your body aint’ what it used to be, so it needs conditioning. You can’t lift as much, or run as fast. With a little training however, you may end up in the best shape of your life. In simplistic terms, cardio is for dropping or maintaining body fat, weight training is for building muscle mass. Now cardio can build muscle and weights can drop your body fat, but to make it easy let’s assume they don’t. Lifting a few weights won’t make you a bodybuilder, and a few sessions on the treadmill won’t make you a runner. Don’t be afraid to spend some time in the gym. Don’t overdo it. Get to know your fitness level, and then aim to improve. Run faster or longer. Lift more weight or do more repetitions. Find what works for you, just to keep your muscles active. 3

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Secondly, diet. It’s a no brainer that if you eat good you feel good. It can be easy to slip into bad eating habits as you get old. Maybe it’s that your eating habits always sucked and now your metabolism has caught up with you. You need your carbs, protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins. That means fresh food. No take out or microwave junk. Fresh, wholesome food. You might have to cook a little more than you used to, but it’ll be worth it. There are even some testosterone boosting superfoods. 4

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Finally, if nothing else is working for you, try the Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2015. It might feel like cheating, but it isn’t. If your body simply doesn’t want to up your testosterone levels, it won’t. There’s no harm in a little intervention. Ultimately it might be beneficial to try all three of the testosterone boosting methods there. It can’t hurt to exercise and eat well along with a supplement. 5

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It’s down to you. If you’re happy just being a middle aged shlub that’s fine. If you want a taste of being young again or just want to feel better about yourself, try these methods out. Find a gym. Stay out of the snacks aisle at the store. Get yourself a testosterone booster. They may not stop your bald patch spreading, but damn if you won’t feel a bit more manly.  

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