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There is an age old debate over whether men or women are more organised and better at planning. There are tests that suggest women are better at organising but men are better at multitasking, but what would you class planning a holiday as? It has a lot of different aspects to it which can test both men and women, so let battle commence as we find out who is better at arranging a holiday.


  • Guys tend to be very good at finding deals, they’ll find very cheap places and they don’t really care where they stay as long as it has a bed to sleep on.
  • Men are also less likely to need any extra luggage, they pack only the essentials and will only need 2 or 2 outfits for 1 whole week away.
  • They do however feel a little more relaxed about travel insurance and are less likely to think about or purchase any for their trip away.
  • They may remember to bring the travel adaptors but sun lotion is almost always off the list of things to pack.
  • Getting the guys together and agreed upon a location is fairly straight forward, not many men are after a specific location and tend to take each day as it comes rather than planning visits and trips ahead of time.
  • When men go on holiday it is for one of three reasons: one is that you have to for work purposes, the second is because of family or loved ones and the third is for cheap booze. Out of the three the most popular is to go and get hammered, not good if you’re not insured.
  • Men are more likely to take up dangerous sports and activities which could cause injury, which could land you in hot water if you did become injured.


  • Although women are good at finding deals, they’re more indecisive and will look at deals for the same place all over the web before choosing a deal.
  • Women will pack the most obscure objects and equipment, they’d pack the family pet if it were allowed and this all means more money into luggage costs.
  • To go with the last point, women are also more likely to buy lots of gifts for people back home, which means more luggage costs on the way home.
  • Women are better at making sure they’re safe if anything were to happen and are more likely to invest in insurances etc.
  • They may pack everything but they tend to remember the bare essentials such as sun lotion, foreign currency and travel documents.
  • Getting a group of women agreed on one location can be a very lengthy task, but once the location is picked they plan each day before they even set off.

So with all that in mind I have to say that the winner is…. Women. Although they over plan they do it for a reason, it is to make sure that if anything goes wrong that there is a plan in place to fix it. Men go in all guns blazing, which would get you in some sticky situations down the line.

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