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The fashion industry changes, by the very definition of fashion, so if you want to stay on top of it, you have to keep up with the trends, the news, technology, and everything in between, that includes checking out websites like Groove Life for additional fashion choices for men on the move. One interesting subset to follow in particular would be men's shoes, as it can be an indicator of new tech in sports, changing opinions about what it means to be casual or dressed up, or countless other indicators of class and success.

So a few fashions to follow if you're interested in keeping up with the men's side of things might include casual running shoes, boots, dress shoes, socks (to go under all those shoes!) and athletic footwear.

Casual Athletic

The category of casual athletic, especially when it comes to men's footwear, is a little odd in terms of logistics. Lots of trends people who aren't doing particularly athletic things will wear them for their style and appearance rather than their functionality, but that just goes with the territory. Consider the latest fashion footwear from Adidas, and you'll see that kind of vibe represented quite accurately. The look comes first, and that's an understood phenomenon.


Men's fashion boots are another thing to consider with respect to form and function. If you want boots that work as boots, you get military or construction footwear. But if you want boots that might look good out at a club out dancing or that fit with a fashion-forward suit, that's another category entirely. It's just important to think of intent and quality when deciding what to wear for your own purposes, or what to think of others who are working to balance themselves in terms of the comfort of their feet doing certain activities.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are definitely a big part of the men's footwear fashion industry. Everyone just watched the Oscars, and for events that are there for the purpose of the see-and-be-seen vibe, the guys in the tuxedos and fancy suits are going to be the ones that have the most fashion-centric feet as well.


A good pair of socks will match with your fashion and your need for comfort, and a bad pair of socks, when visible, can ruin even the best outfit. Lots of men will play with this rule a little bit as a rebellion against common fashion, so it is a way to subtly remark on your personal opinions of the industry.


True athletic shoes can be fashionable as well in their microcosms. If you think about the shoes that pro baseball, basketball, and football players wear, they are at the apex of functionality, but they can also showcase some incredible designs by some amazing designers.

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