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Although it isn’t advisable to go blindly following trends just because they’re popular, it can help to know what’s in just to stay in the loop. Trends come and go and then come back again every year; it’s a fact of life! But what are the big trends out there this year? Let’s take a look…   Adding a Pop of Colour   This year, men shouldn’t be adverse to adding a pop of colour to their outfits. Not only will it add interest and depth, it’ll look great during the summer season too! You can do this with something small, like your shoes or hat, or go all out by wearing a colourful jacket. Make sure that however you do it, you feel comfortable.   V-Neck Ts   V-Neck Ts are frowned upon by those ‘manly’ men. You know, real men’s men who wear the same clothes for 12 years running until they literally fall apart. Look guys; it’s time to make your way into the 20th century. V neck Ts are all the rage, and just look at how many girls Harry Styles gets! You could be in the same boat if you just followed in his footsteps. This style T is a great choice for showing off some special jewelry, like one of those nice catholic saints medals. Just make sure you haven’t got too much chest fuzz overflowing. Give it a trim.   Patterns   Are you brave enough to wear a pattern in your outfit? I’m not just talking something small like your tie either; I mean fully blown patterned shirts, jackets, or trousers. Patterns are huge for men this year so incorporate some into your outfits if you have the guts. 9381596325_b0140f2278_z picture source   Satin Suits (Especially Pink Ones)   Satin suits aren’t for the faint hearted, but they were spotted all over the catwalks earlier on this year. The most popular color? Pink! You might feel a little uncomfortable in a pink satin suit, in which case you can alter it a bit. Go for satin in a darker color, or forget the satin and go for a different pastel hue. You might find that you love it!   Different Proportions   Men should play with different proportions this year to create an interesting silhouette. Wear an oversized shirt with skinny jeans, for example, to get that clothing model look in an instant.   The Updated Classic Trench   The classic trench is, well, a classic! Every guy should own a classic trench, as it’s perfect for most climates and always looks on point. However, consider giving yours an update. As we mentioned patterns earlier, consider a patterned trench to give it a whole new look. Again, this is something that takes some guts, but it can work.   Denim   Denim jackets are a summer staple for men. Hey, how about rocking double denim? It can look amazing if you do it right - just steer clear of the Justin and Britney Faux Pas of the noughties.   Pastel Shorts   Pastel shorts are perfect for summer and will go with that V neck T we mentioned earlier. The perfect laid back outfit!   Which of these will you try?

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