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Your smile should be the thing that you concentrate on. After all, it’s what reels the ladies in. But, when it comes to proper oral health, we are all somewhat guilty of letting it slide. But, avoiding tooth loss is something that all men can avoid. Being a 35-year old male that smokes is an enormous risk factor when it comes to losing your pearly whites. But gum disease and problems can also be an enormous factor in tooth loss too.   So, now you know.   There things that you can do to prevent the onset of tooth loss. Seriously, it’s important that you do.  

  1. Up Your Oral Hygiene

  Floss, brush, repeat. Is this not a mantra yet? While your mother may have told you to brush twice per day, you have probably ignored it. Never ignore the advice of your mom or your dentist. You need to up your oral hygiene game if you want to prevent tooth loss. Make sure that you visit your dentist too. Every 6 months should do it. What’s more, they will be happy to see you.  
  1. Change Your Diet

  Beer with the lads may be appealing, but it’s playing havoc with your teeth. Sugar is the leading cause of tooth loss. So, make sure that you are eating properly to avoid an onset of tooth decay. These foods can have a massive impact on your gums too. They can make them weak and susceptible to disease. So, change your diet and ditch the pizza. Get on the healthy living hype. 3

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  1. Dirty Teeth Habits

  Okay, so you may love grinding your teeth or clenching your strong, masculine jaw (for real!) but this can have a detrimental impact on your teeth. You can make them shorter. Plus you are more likely to fracture your teeth. This is a great way of losing your teeth prematurely. Of course, you can always seek out dental implants in Greeley Co. But, prevention is always better than cure.   Of course, grinding or bruxism isn’t the only issue faced by people. Other dirty habits include smoking. Who’d have thought it? If you want to make sure that you have a mega-watt smile that make the ladies weak at the knees, ditch the ashtray breath. Aside from smelling better, living longer and having more money you will also prevent gum disease. As we already know, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.  
  1. Contact Sports

  No one is saying that you need to become the world’s greatest couch potato. But, if you want to keep playing contact sport and have prevented tooth loss, it’s time to invest in a mouth guard. Make sure that you don’t suffer from a dental trauma. Injury to teeth can cause them to fall out. Mouth guard up and make sure that your teeth are intact.  
  1. No Money, Mo’ Problems

  Often, people feel that they cannot afford to go to the dentist. This is simply untrue. You can find a cost-effective dentist in your area with ease. What’s more, many of them will allow you to pay via a payment plan for extensive work. So, now you have no excuse.

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