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As anyone who knows me will attest, I love my technology. Smartphones, tablets, the Internet of things - I love it all. But my favourite use of tech - by some distance - is for my home entertainment system. After a hard day’s work and an hour or so in the gym, nothing is more relaxing than sitting down on a comfy sofa and watching a great movie or a box set. I guess I’m lucky that we live in such technologically advanced times, and I often wonder what I would have done had I been born thirty years earlier. Black and white TV? A wireless radio - without wireless Internet? OK, I’m sure I would have got on just fine. But I love film and music just as much as I love technology, and to see and hear it in your own home at such high quality is a real benefit of modern life. So, I thought I would go through my ultimate home entertainment setup with you.

3Paul Townsend


I have friends that, not so long ago, would turn their noses up if they saw a TV that wasn’t 1080p. But this LG 65EC970V I have my eyes on leaves those shoddy old tellies in its wake. It’s a 4K TV, which basically means crystal clear pictures in higher definition than has ever been seen in people’s houses before. And this particular model is also OLED - which means a more natural look. That, to me, makes it an essential purchase. Although at six and half grand a pop, it might have to wait until Christmas.

A Premium Netflix Account

I was tempted to put an Ultra Blu-ray player in here, but I’m not sure it will have the legs. After all, there is a real shift towards streaming these days, and I can see the disc - of any sort - becoming obsolete soon enough. Especially where movies are concerned. So, when I heard that Netflix are about to launch a 4K service, it went straight onto my list. You’ll need to be a premium subscriber, but it’s the perfect way to enjoy your 4K telly - and still cheaper than renting a few movies a month.

Home Theater System

I haven’t quite decided on a home cinema system just yet. But I will get one eventually. Although TVs look great, the sound quality on most of them just don’t do the spectacular images justice. You need a good home theater installation to give you that extra edge when you are catching a flick. So, as of yet, I am unsure. Any suggestions folks? Let me know in the comments section below.

Wilson Benesch Full Circle Turntable

While I have embraced the digital format in most areas, one thing I’m keeping analogue is my music. Sure, I have plenty of music on digital - it’s convenient, cheap, and accessible. But there’s something about picking up a vinyl record, setting it on a turntable and hearing music as it was intended that is unbeatable. This Wilson Benesch turntable is an impressive piece of kit, and great for the vinyl enthusiast. It’s expensive (more than two grand at the moment). But it has an awesome design and crystal clear clarity. It’s on my wishlist. No doubt, there will be upgrades to consider in the future. But right now? This is where it’s at for me!  

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