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  As anyone who reads my blog will attest, I have no problems with admitting I enjoy making money. However, I do understand that some jobs don’t pay as well as others. With this in mind, I thought I would give you some ideas for making a second income.  If you’re struggling to make ends meet, or would just like to earn a little more cash to go on a better holiday, read on. With any luck, there should be something on this list that appeals to you.

Get a second job

Working two jobs can be a tough gig, but if you are short on cash, then there is no easier way of doing it. There are plenty of part-time jobs out there, from pot-washer to bar person, and while some can be low-paid, you have to see it for what it is. Let’s say you only get £25 a shift and work five every week. That’s an extra five hundred a month gross- not bad if you can handle the extra hours. If you can manage it for a year, you are talking around four grand net extra than your normal wages. And, that’s a pretty tasty holiday opportunity right there. 3

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Create your own blog

What are your passions in life? Write them down on a piece of paper and then add in everything you know about them. If you know any given subject well, why not start a blog about it? You can set up a website and run it on a web host for about twenty quid a year. And, if you are writing about your favourite subject it won’t feel like work at all. Your next step is to set up Google Ads, or contact Amazon. Whenever anyone clicks on a banner ad, you get paid. The larger your audience, the more money you will pull in - it’s as simple as that.

Import a new product

I have a few friends who have made great businesses using this method. The world is a big marketplace, and if you can find a niche product that sells well in another country, there is every chance it will do the same here. Your first step is to go to Alibaba, the Chinese online marketplace. Take a look at what is selling well on there, and then check your country’s Amazon site. Look for items that sell for, say, £10-20 over here, and you can buy in bulk for £2-3 on Alibaba. Obviously, you have to be sure it will sell, but that’s a huge markup for small change.

Make your own products

If you are talented or artistic, why not sell your products on an online marketplace like eBay or Etsy? They are great places for craft and design sales, and you can get a pretty good markup if you are good enough. There’s a great guide to selling on Etsy over on their blog, so check it out before you get started.

Build your own app

If you are more technologically minded, then think about developing an app. You don’t need to know how to code these days, as there are plenty of app developers out there that can do it for you. All you need is the idea - something to solve a problem, or create a service that is lacking. As long as you sketch it out well, the developer can turn it into a reality, and you can sell it on one of the many app stores out there. Hope you have enjoyed these ideas, and they have inspired you to make some extra cash. Good luck with your second income adventure and let me know how you get on.  

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