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As much as the online casino world (and casino world proper) is ultimately all about the odds which work in favour of the house over time, there’s also somewhat of a psychological battle going on all the time. As is the case with the odds, the battlefield conditions are generally in favour of the house, but for those seasoned gamblers who are in the know it is indeed possible to swing both the odds and psychological advantage in your favour.

A tolerance for the pain of losing

The first weapon you need in your arsenal to win the psychological warfare evident in the online casino world is a high tolerance for the pain of losing. You need to be able to take “hits” and not get fazed when you lose money after a spin. Learn to keep your composure and not get “hurt” by a loss. This is how you build up the mental strength to be able to stick to a strategy you’ve likely developed.

The bigger the sample size the better

Moving away from the psychological side of things for just a bit, if we focus on the statistical side of the equation then it’s a matter of statistical principles normalising towards the derived theories over larger sample sizes. To put it simply, the longer you play the longer something like a strategy you’ve developed on the back of a stats theory has to take shape. For example, if you’re betting on either red or black in the roulette, the law of averages which pits the spin at 50-50 will normalise towards half for red and half for black over a larger sample size (more total spins).

Learning how to quit while you’re ahead

This doesn’t mean that as soon as you win on a specific game that you stop playing altogether, because those winnings may not be sufficient. All it means to learn how to quit while you’re ahead is that when the winning event comes sooner along the way while you’re placing your bets and spinning, this counts towards the total number of times you’re going to get favourable outcomes. That’s where you should apply your discretion to manage your subsequent bets.

Enjoy yourself

Seasoned gamblers who frequent physical casinos as well as those who primarily bet online know all too well that for some reason when you’re desperate to win money all you do is lose it. On the other hand when you’re under no pressure to win and you play in a relaxed manner things seem to go in your favour a lot more, so the secret to it is to just enjoy yourself and aim to have fun. Contrary to popular belief, casino operators want to create big winners on their platforms as this draws in more players who increase the overall value of the platform you’re betting on. Consequently, the best winning odds are built into those games which encourage players to enjoy themselves. Casinos nowadays offer games that are fun to play, to the extent that you momentarily forget that you’re actually playing for real money.

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